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Code Reading tools comparable to sourceinsight Category: Linux applications Read by 3699 Comment (0) Favorites Report I used to search for a source-code reading tool that can replace source insight in my mind. Source navigator, kscope, and kdevelop with source insight simulated by wine have been used. In the end, they are not very satisfied. Among them, the correlation capability of kdevelop is too poor (almost none); both source insight and source Navigator can properly display Chinese comments in wine simulation. And kscope, I feel that it is not perfect, so I gave up.
For a long period of time, I wrote Code It uses Kate or Emacs, and the Code uses wine + Source insight. Over time, it has formed a habit.
Later, when I used kscope again, this time I was deeply attracted to her. She is not as powerful as source insight, but she is concise and clean, and the keyboard shortcuts are very considerate. Most importantly, her embedded editor is Kate-even the powerful kdevelop uses Kate as the embedded editor. At this time, I am like discovering the pearl of the night that has been forgotten for many years. Sometimes, what you ignore is the best.
Use her again. Now I have almost any R & D work and reading Source code All completed in kscope.
In fact, any benefit of kscope comes from two "Giants", one is Kate and the other is cscope. However, she perfectly integrated the two "Giants" and stood on the shoulders of the two giants. Why can't she see them far away?

I believe that many people will encounter this situation during software development: it is very troublesome to compile and view the Code with source insight on the Windows platform and compile the code on the Linux platform. Is there a tool for viewing and writing code similar to source insight on Linux? The answer is certainly yes. kscope is the source insight of the Linux platform. My Linux platform is Fedora 7 and supports the latest stable kscope version 1.6.0.
First download the latest source code kscope-1.6.0.tar.gz from the official website of kscope, directly unzip the installation: # tar xzvf kscope-1.6.0.tar.gz
# Cd kscope-1.6.0
# Make
# Make install is simple and basically no additional configuration is required. Of course, ensure that the KDE and QT Development Kits are installed when installing the Linux system. Then you can start kscope. During the first startup, you need to make some simple configuration for kscope. During the configuration, you may need to specify the cssag, ctags, and dot required by kscope, and directly click the following button guess, let it detect it on its own. If nothing is found, it may be that you have not installed the required software package in your system. Just install it manually. The dot is not found in my system, so the kscope chart function cannot be used yet. The so-called dot refers to graphviz, which is a chart.ProgramTherefore, graphviz is required to use the kscope chart function. Slave. After everything is done, create a project. Is it similar to source insight in windows?


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