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The following point of view is purely from the technical point of view. If commercial interests are taken into account,
The problem is complicated. The actual environment is much more complicated than we thought, but it is not even possible,
The actual operation will be more disturbing.

The advantage of software is reuse. In fact, reuse also reflects that we must respect our own labor achievements.
The fruits of others' work must also be worth the money. There are many people in our country, but people are not worth the money,
We don't have much Consciousness in this aspect. We do a good job, lose one, and get new.

The company's documents are also lost everywhere, and it is estimated that the documents are well classified and kept on the server. Although
Regular companies all have document and file management, but it does not affect our personal values or
The values of most IT companies, or I do not pay attention to them.

BenefitsProgramPersonal accumulation of members]
Generally, programmers who are good at communication will have some small customers who want
When developing small software, I often want to do this function. For programmers
You can't do it, but you can do all the functions yourself. It's also very tired. Although ant financial is a little dirty, everything is done by itself.
Development, either not, or tired, and these things are no big deal, from scratch to the end
BA, it will take two to three years to complete the sorting.

If you have a relatively easy-to-use lightweight architecture, study for one week, and then fill in a few times as needed,
The customer needs can be met. The customer has money and will continue to develop new modules and functions in the future,
Your software also has enough space to expand, and it is less difficult to do, the quality of life is also improved, and the benefits are also high,
There is a good imitation, and it can be improved quickly.

Ordinary Programmers sometimes want to improve their skills. They want to learn from the East and the West, and it is difficult to make breakthroughs.
Your company does not have a lot of technical staff. If you learn to improve it a little bit, it is easy for the leaders to take a fancy, or even
Will be promoted, salary increase is inevitable, this architecture should be learned one by one, it is too time-consuming, no
Everyone must take this long journey.

Even if you are a master, after several years in the company, the company's architecture has been changed to a huge scale,
There are too many maintenance personnel. It's not a joke that you want to extract a simple and easy architecture.
Where is the error, where is the error? It takes a lot of time for you to extract the error,
You also want to save time and talk about the company's things. It seems like you have stolen it.
The same.

If you work in an IT software-independent company, you also need to develop small modules quickly.
By combining your daily management work with your computer, you are more competitive than others.
In addition, because your daily work is handled by your own program, it is well-organized and efficient.
It is appreciated by the leaders. You can even recommend it to your colleagues to see if it is useful. If you are not an expert
Industry IT staff do not have the energy to learn too deep software knowledge. They have a simple architecture for learning and imitating,
It is very easy, and you do not need to study in depth, because your main business does not rely on writing software.

When recruiting new employees in mature IT companies, the first reason is that you are good at a certain industry and this industry.
Which business sections have been done in, followed by your technology, what technologies are you good at, etc.
Everything you have accumulated is standardized and organized. When you arrive at a new company, your work is easy and pleasant.
There are many things that can be done quickly, and there is no need to start from scratch.

[Sharing between systems]
In fact, we often find out after developing N application systems, many of which are similar,
This part is completely generic, and can be reused even after a set is developed. For individuals, for companies
Is the same. If the stability of these overlapping parts is higher, the quality is higher, and the investment cost is higher.
Control, it can also appropriately improve the company's production efficiency, although the words are very simple, but it is indeed done
It's not that easy, but we have to move in this direction, because this is definitely the right route.

[Conducive to the accumulation of small companies]
The boss is a small technical company and rarely develops. Generally, it depends on a business-type boss.
Living Space, the small pond also cannot raise the big shark, not to mention this is also not satisfied, there is not enough space.
What's more, sharks eat more.
It is difficult for small companies to accumulate stable and mature small products and achievements for another wave of people every year.
Things, etc. If you pay attention to an effective accumulation at the beginning, the things made by the predecessors can stay and accumulate
People take over is also relatively smooth, and the design ideas are consistent, so we can continue to improve maintenance.
Outsourcing has been popular in recent years. In fact, technical support of small companies can also be outsourced, with problems and architecture
Wait for a part-time architect to consult. If there is no problem, you don't have to go over it. In fact, it's not necessary.
You have to hire a senior architect to waste talent.
I have been recruiting a big bull for several months and burned in tens of thousands of yuan. Or I have been doing it for three months and I have made a half success.
There is no room for development. It is also possible for people to pat their ass and leave.

[Facilitate integration between the company and the Company]
For example, as a public IT company, we often take some large software development orders,
I am not good at developing all applications. I often outsource some non-core services to other organizations.
Development, but when integrating these applications, there will be many problems, leading to the failure of outsourcing enterprises to obtain
If we adopt a unified idea to develop functional modules and subsystems, then our software
Integration will also become smoother, and it is easy to receive corresponding payments.

Relatively common software on the market is also difficult to integrate with each other, and it is also difficult to develop small peripheral applications,
If everyone uses the same system architecture and design philosophy, these applications should be organically integrated,
It is also relatively easy.

At present, the hardware integration technology is very mature, because these things can be seen and touched, there are also international standards
Relatively speaking, software integration is far from ideal. I think there will be
A business will be more open-minded, that is, software integration, and even some companies, specializing in Software
The Integrated Service may not focus on developing an application, and the charge for this service should also be
When expensive. Their main business is to analyze industrial software, and then they can
Like financial software.

[Conflicts between companies and individuals]
Companies do not have to be afraid that they will take your business away. One individual can beat a company, unless this person
The comprehensive capabilities are super powerful. Otherwise, companies generally do not want to seek personal cooperation,
Because the uncertainty of an individual is much greater than that of a company, it is possible to disappear.

A company generally carries out a certain type of business, which is relatively professional, well-known, and industry-oriented. Unless
I personally became a recognized expert and others will believe that in general, there is no need to worry too much about this.

Like our company'sCodeAll of them are stored in the company staff's laptop, and there is also the company's server
On the server, even though the code needs to be deleted when leaving the company, the Code is not available to individuals.
All the efforts are well maintained and run smoothly, because there are so many business knowledge in the industry, people also
It's not God. He has at most experience and knowledge about the inside story, a large-scale software,
A team is required for continuous maintenance.

Sometimes I wonder what it would look like if the computer was invented by Chinese people? With the thoughts of the Chinese
What's amazing?

Based on my experience in managing software, the division of labor among foreigners is:
1. Operating System
2. Database
3. Development language and designer
4. Team Development Version Control
5. Third-party controls
6. Report Analysis Control

If the computer was invented by us, will there be a magical system? All of this is done.
A few years ago, I participated in outsourcing projects in Japan in the design and development stages. I worked with two companies in China.
There is seldom such a division of labor. To put it bluntly, we have never had the spirit of cooperation since we were young, but it is very sophisticated.
God, imitation and imitation capabilities are particularly strong.

I don't know if my above ideas are correct. If they are incorrect, please give them some advice and may spread your thinking,
Theme thoughts are somewhat disordered. Next, I will consider the system running performance, data and
Development Control and Development efficiency considerations.

With permission management and workflow management, one person can do only a few things well.

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