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Code Review
I have been doing software development for more than three years. My team has also used various Code quality control methods. I personally think Code Review is the most effective method, it is also the most cost-effective code quality control method. I will summarize some of my views and opinions.

What is Code Review?

Code Review Chinese translation methods include Code Review, Code Review, and Code lookup. individuals prefer Code lookup. Code lookup is a process. After a developer writes the code in a development stage, the developer needs to review the code for the purpose of discovering bugs and technical exchanges. It is a complete process integrating code review, problem identification, code improvement, and post-modification supervision. Code lookup is generally the best when the code is just released, because it is also the best time for code restructuring and adjustment.

Purpose and content of Code Review

Functional Review:
Use Review to check whether all the functions in the current Code are correct. Find out bugs in the Code. Everyone has inherent habits when writing and reading the Code. Such habits often affect the quality of the Code. For example, we have encountered similar problems during code writing. The problems in our Code cannot be found no matter how many times we read them, but others can find the problems at a glance. This doesn't mean that the level of the person who writes the code is not high, but the "unconscious" error in personal programming. Of course, this is the beauty of team-end programming.
Readable Review:
Code is the most real-time document in the software development process, and must be highly readable for future maintenance convenience. The readability check mainly checks whether the code style is strictly in accordance with the system code style rules, and whether the code has been fully reconstructed to eliminate redundant and repetitive code. Whether the code structure is reasonable.
Share technical knowledge:
Everyone's code is worth learning, and the levels of members in the team are different, through code Review, the technology of high-level people gradually flows to low-level people to cultivate new people. At the same time, the code editor will introduce the technologies and methods used by others in the team, so that various technologies can be shared among the teams. I have encountered such a case in my current company:
Team 1 used freetype for Chinese formatting in previous project development, but did not do code review at that time. After that, team 2 also used freetype knowledge, but did not know Team 1 had freetype knowledge. As a result, Team 2 spent a lot of time and energy re-researching and learning freetype. This greatly delays the project time and progress.
Mutual backup:
By using code Review, more people can understand the functions of the current module, which reduces the impact on the project caused by the loss of staff.

To be continued ......

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