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In C,ProgramThere are three types of annotations.


Note: note is for the reader, not for the compiler or operating system to execute the command function.


Three Annotations:


1. // single line comment;




2 ./*


Multiple lines or comments






3. /// <summary>


/// This is a description of the class


/// </Summary>




/// <Summary>


/// This is a description of the method


/// </Summary>


/// <Param name = "ARGs"> </param>




InstructionsCodeFolding command


# Region this is the first piece of code






# Endregion


Annotation syntax


To useC# ProvidedXMLAnnotation function, your annotation should use special annotation syntax (///. In///Then, you can use pre-defined tags to annotate your code, or insert your own defined tags. The custom tag will be added to the generated annotation document later.


Predefined tags Usage

<C>Mark the text in the description as code

<Code>Provides a method to indicate multiple lines as code.

<Example>Example of using methods or other library members

<Exception>Allow you to specify possible exception classes

<Include>Allow you to reference the descriptionSource codeAnnotations in another file of type and member in,UseXML xpathSyntax to describe the types and members in your source code.

<List>DirectionXMLInsert a list in the annotation document

<Para>DirectionXMLInsert a paragraph in the comment document

<Param>Describe a parameter

<Paramref>Provides a method to indicate a word as a parameter.

<Permission>Allow you to add member access permissions to the document

<Remarks>Used to add information about a type

<Returns>Description Return Value

<See>Specified Link

<Seealso>Specify"See"Text in Section

<Summary>General description of type or type members

<Value>Description attribute


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