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Codeatlas is a plugin of Sublimetext, which allows one to explore the call graph conveniently. The plugin uses the Code analysis tool, understand ( to perform symbol/reference query task.
Following (but not limited) languagues is supported:Python,C + +,Java.

1.Find Callers/callees of a function. All key shortcuts below can is used in both Sublime Text and the visualization window. Press Alt+g to show the Function/variable/class under the cursor in alt+v to show callees of current funct Ion. Press Alt+c to show callers of the current function.

Each function was represented as a green disc in the atlas. Size of the disc indicates lines of the function. The fan shape on the left of the disc indicates number of callers, and the one in the right indicates number of callees. In the figure below, there is much more callers of the function "Isinstance" and then the "Selectoneitem". The fan shape can warn you don't to show too much callers/callees, which'll totally the figure.
The numbers on the gray lines indicate call order.

2. Find members of a class. Press Alt+m the find members of a class.
Each member variable are represented as a pink disc in the atlas.
Each class is represented as a blue disc. Also,Size of the disc indicates lines of the class.

3. Find references of a variable/function. Press Alt+u the Find all references.

4. Explore Call graph. Press ALT +↑/↓/←/→to explore through the graph. You can select a nearby node (function/class/variable) or edge (function call/variable definition/function definitio) by pre SsingAlt +↑/↓/←/→. The most likely Node/edge would be selected and Sublime Editor would jump to corresponding code.

5. Delete an unused function/class/variablepress alt+delete to Delete the current selectedfunction/class/variable.

6. Find all call paths the visualization window, using mouse middle button to drag function A to B, then all call paths from function A to B'll be shown.
7. Use mouse-select/drag/zoom in the visualization window directly.

1. Install Understand (Home page 2. Install Sublime Text (Home page In Sublime Text, press Preferences->browse Packages go to package folder.
4. Unzip and place the plugin in the package folder.
5. Replace Packages/codeatlas/codeviewpy/understand.pyd with the one on the understand folder (usually in scitools/bin/pc- WIN32/PYTHON/UNDERSTAND.PYD)

6. Open understand and create a database for your project.

7. After finish the new Project Wizard, a database file would be generated.

8. Close understand and restart Sublime Text, then press "Start Atlas" in the context menu. Then the visualization window would be shown.

9. Press Open DB in the visualization window and then find the *.udb file generated before.

Now you can use the key shortcuts above to explore the code!

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Codeatlas for Sublime Text

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