Codecademy, an unusually popular interesting programming website, received $10 million in funding and its Chinese version was launched.

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To list the currently popular startups, codecademy, a fun programming website, is definitely one of them. Codecademy aims to provide a simple and interesting way to learn programming. In the next round of financing, the company just received $10 million in financing, Index
Ventures led the current round of financing, and Kleiner Perkins and Union Square venture participated in this round of financing. Codecademy received a round of $ last October in funding in 2.5 million.

Codecademy currently has over 7 million users, more than half of whom are outside the United States. Codecademy hopes to use this financing to further expand the international market and further localize codecademy's services.

In addition, with the completion of this round of financing, the codecademy website has also added five languages, including Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and German. In terms of business models, Zach Sims, co-founder of the company, said the company is currently looking for a suitable profit model, which is also the focus of its current attention.

At the beginning of this year, codecademy also launched the New Year programming learning project code year, which earned 0.2 million users in seven days. For details about code year, refer to the new year programming learning project code year of codecademy, a fun programming website, which is only available for 48 hours. Registered users have already exceeded 0.1 million and viral communication: code of the New Year programming project launched by codecademy, a fun programming website
Year is how to get 0.2 million users in 7 days.

Some readers may not understand codecademy very well:

Codecademy is a programming website launched in August this year. It is a web-based interactive Programming Tutorial. It helps users understand some basic principles of JavaScript. More importantly, it is interesting to use codecademy to learn programming. The registration process of codecademy is very special: it can be used directly without registration. Once you enter the page, you can easily complete the first lesson of programming. For example, if you want to know how many letters your name has, you only need to enter your name in double quotation marks and then enter ". length, and then click Enter. After you complete a certain course, the website automatically recommends that you create your own account and register it. If you do not register, all your previous learning records will be lost, in this way, the user is likely to register.

Programming courses are also very simple. The toolbar on the left of the web page guides you through each task. The web page will not only tell you how to do it, but also help you consolidate your previous programming knowledge. As users continue to learn programming, they will get some points and rewards, which will be publicly displayed in the user's information and can be seen by other users. It is expected that the website will be able to develop social networking features such as rankings and competitions in the future. Not long ago, codecademy added programming courses for HTML and CSS programming languages.


Codecademy address:! /Exercises/0

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