Codeforces 380C segment Tree bracket matching

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Sereja and BracketsTime limit:MS Memory Limit:262144KB 64bit IO Format:%i64d &%i64u SubmitStatus


Sereja has a bracket sequence s1,? S2,?...,? sn, or, in other words, a string s of length n, consisting of characters "(" and ")".

Sereja needs to answermqueries, each of them are described by and integers l,? Ri (1?≤? ) Li? ≤? Ri? ≤? n) . The answer to theI-th query is the length of the maximum correct bracket subsequence of sequence sl,? sli? +?1,?...,? Sri . Help Sereja answer all queries.

You can find the definitions-a subsequence and a correct bracket sequence in the notes.


The first line contains a sequence of characters s1,? S2,?...,? sn (1?≤? ) N. ≤?106) without any spaces. Each character is either a "("Or a")". The second line contains integerm(1?≤? ) M. ≤?105) -the number of queries. Each of the nextmLines contains a pair of integers. TheI-th line contains integers l,? Ri (1?≤? ) Li? ≤? Ri? ≤? n) -the Description of theI-th query.


Print the answer to all question on a single line. Print the answers in the order they go in the input.

Sample Input

()) (()) (()) (71 12 31 21 128 125 112 10


Asubsequenceof length| x|Of string s? =? s 1s2 ... s | S| (where| S|is the length of strings) is string x? =? s  k1sk2 ... s k| X| (1?≤? ) K1?<? K2?<?...? <? k | x|? ≤?| S|) .

A correct bracket sequence is a bracket sequence so can be transformed to a correct aryphmetic expression by inserting characters "1" and "+" between the characters of the string. For example, bracket sequences "() ()", "(())" is correct (the resulting expressions "(1) + (1)" /c14> ","(+1) "), and" ("and" ("is not.")

For the third query required sequence would be? ()?.

For the fourth query required sequence would be? ()(())(())?.

Given a sequence, there are several pairs of complete parentheses matching codes in this sequence:
#include <cstdio> #include <cstring> #include <algorithm> #define MAXN 1111111using namespace std;    struct node{int l,r,all;    Node () {l=r=all=0;    } Node (int a,int b,int c) {l=a,r=b,all=c; }};    Node Sum[maxn<<2];char str[maxn];void pushup (int rt) {int t=min (SUM[RT&LT;&LT;1].L,SUM[RT&LT;&LT;1|1].R);    sum[rt].all=sum[rt<<1].all+sum[rt<<1|1].all+t;    sum[rt].l=sum[rt<<1].l+sum[rt<<1|1].l-t; Sum[rt].r=sum[rt<<1].r+sum[rt<<1|1].r-t;}        void build (int l,int R,int RT) {if (l==r) {if (str[l]== ' (') sum[rt].l++;        else if (str[l]== ') ') sum[rt].r++;    return;    } int mid= (L+R) >>1;    Build (l,mid,rt<<1);    Build (mid+1,r,rt<<1|1); Pushup (RT);}    Node query (int l,int r,int l,int r,int RT) {if (l>=l&&r>=r) return SUM[RT];    Node Cnt1,cnt2;    int mid= (L+R) >>1; if (l<=mid) cnt1=query (l,mid,l,r,rt<<1);    if (r>mid) cnt2=query (mid+1,r,l,r,rt<<1|1);    int t=min (CNT1.L,CNT2.R); Return Node (cnt1.l+cnt2.l-t,cnt1.r+cnt2.r-t,cnt1.all+cnt2.all+t);}    int main () {int q,l,r;    scanf ("%s", str+1);    scanf ("%d", &q);    int N=strlen (str+1);    Build (1,n,1);        while (q--) {scanf ("%d%d", &l,&r);    printf ("%d\n", 2*query (1,n,l,r,1). All); } return 0;}

Codeforces 380C segment Tree bracket matching

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