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Download and installation of the CodeIgniter framework, CodeIgniter framework

CodeIgniter is a set of application development frameworks and toolkits that are used by developers of PHP Web sites. The first time to learn PHP, online search a lot of PHP framework, and finally chose CodeIgniter. The following is the introduction of the CodeIgniter framework download and installation.

Installation Environment: PHP5+MYSQL6.5+IIS7

My computer is used for office writing documents, Win7 system, do not want to change the system, so installed the Win7 comes with the IIS7.

PHP download is the latest php-5.3.28-nts-win32-vc9-x86

MySQL is also the latest download.

Download Address:




Of course, I am in the Windows environment configuration, need to download the relevant version of the software under Windows, if it is Linux, and so on, need to download the software supported under the system.

OK, not much to say, we start to install it, installation completed step by step exploration. First of all, I am a novice, there are many said wrong place please correct me, I now mainly work non-it, not often updated, occasional rest, reading.

The first step: Download down CodeIgniter, is a compressed package. After decompression, such as:

There are mainly 3 files, the application folder is the application folder, which mainly has the MVC-related m-model folder,

The V-view folder, the C-controller folder, and some configuration files are described later.

System files, which are the core files of the Systems folder, CI (CodeIgniter).

User_guide is an offline user help document for easy querying. But all are English, oh, English bad children's shoes or go to Baidu, download a Chinese document. My study mainly relies on the help document. The help document is a good thing, one of which is to choose this framework, because it is convenient for him to help with the documentation.

The second step: a more critical step. Place the folder in the root directory of the Web site. A lot of online information, all only said root directory, like me novice, even the root directory is not known.

I'll tell you about the root directory below. I am the IIS installed, then the root directory is the installation directory of IIS. The other Web server, the root directory, also refers to the Web server installation directory. Such as: Open IIS, right-click, browse, open is the root directory; (will not use the software, for the time being a big picture, next try to learn how)

Step three: The key step Oh, doomed to be unsuccessful oh.

Copy the downloaded file to this so-called root directory; I changed the name of this folder to PHP, mainly for convenience, because I have to configure the access address. Easy to enter the address.

The fourth step: the most important, configuration OH

Open the application/config/config.php file. Note. php files can be opened with Notepad, notpad++ and many other editors, so it is convenient to configure and save.

The main configuration of these two places: Tag 1 is configured for the website URL you want to visit. I am configuring http://localhost/php, localhost refers to local. Can also be written as If you have a server, then write your server's domain name. /php is I just copied over the downloaded CodeIgniter folder, I changed the folder name to PHP is for the convenience of access, PHP is shorter than CodeIgniter.

Tag 2 index.php is configured on the download, not configured you to configure him as index.php, indicating that you enter, the index.php file is automatically opened.

Fifth step, configure the server, database, I use MySQL

Open File application/config/database.php

Configure your server's related user name, password, database name, and so on. Such as:

This figure, do not explain, we know, is a beginner, read English all know what to fill.

Okay, here it is, it's over.

Enter in the browser to see index.php's Welcome screen.

Welcome ....... ........

Original address:

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