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Tags hosting how to use git using git This is a new domestic code hosting platform, features include: Code hosting, online operating environment, monitoring code quality, with a certain social features, online operating environment support Java, Ruby, node. js, PHP, Python, go, and many other languages, You can create 1000 items per account. Unlike GitHub, free quotas do not differentiate between shared and private projects. 1G per project, it should be pointed out that the original intention of is not to build a station, but a collaborative development platform. Binding domain names are not supported for the time being, but you can use the level two domain name (* provided by (PS: This section is presented from the free Resources tribe)

One, code hosting platform Registration

1. Open the official website of


2. Click the registration button in the upper right corner to enter the registration page

3. Enter your email and username and click Register. At this point the mailbox will have an activation message, go to the mailbox to activate.

4. Activation will be transferred to the user Activation page, set the login password, click Activate.

Second, the creation of new projects

1. Go to the Personal panel, click Create New Project, fill in the project name and project description, and create the project.

2. When the new project is completed and will let you upload the code, it is necessary to use Git, the command to upload more difficult to use, so the following describes the use of tools to upload. (if you want to try a command, find git-related actions yourself)

Third, using Git for code management tools

1. First to download the Git for Windows, installation, installation process does not need to change the settings, the default installation is good.

(The Coding site uses a "Git repository" (like GitHub) to manage code.) It works by using the Git service to sync files from the local project directory to the coding git repository-free resources tribe.


2. When the installation is complete, configure the environment variable (win8.1 for example).

Locate the bin in the Git installation directory and copy it (the default should be C:\Program Files (x86) \git\bin)

Open: My Computer-Right-click Properties-Advanced System Configuration-advanced-environment variables-system variables-path double-click to open

Paste the copied bin path in (note: when there are other paths in front, add semicolons;)

3. Download Tortoisegit, default installation (take 64 bits for example).


Iv. using git to upload wordpress in

1. Download WordPress and unzip the website, compress the package suffix. zip.

2. Create a new folder locally, right--git Clone in the folder, go back to the project to copy the right end of the HTTPS link to the Git Clone dialog box URL, click OK, the local folder will appear in the project directory.

3. Copy the extracted files from WordPress to the automatically created project directory.

4. Right-click in the project directory, select Tortoisegit-add, and click OK to Add.

5. In this project directory, right-click, select git commit-> "Master", the message is marked with a OK.

At this point do not close the dialog box, but choose push to push, the first page directly click OK, the following will let you enter the user name and password, push completed after the Close dialog box.

V. Project deployment and WordPress installation

1. Back to the project page, select: Demo-Start detection-open function

2. After entering the demo platform, select Service Management to add the database.

Select the Add Service Black button in the upper right corner, database select MySQL, tick "bind created service to this item (optional)", the service name can be written without writing, OK.

3. Back to the console

Deployment version fill in the master, access to the domain name can change itself, click on a button to deploy the Black button for project deployment.

Deployment success:

4. Click on the right to access the green button to enter the wordpress adjustment profile, click Now to start after entering the database connection page.

Database connection information After the database that you just created, service management-connection information

Counterpart replication Past-submit-to install:

Database name-name

User name-username


Database Host-hostname

Table prefix-Can be default

5. Fill in the WordPress station name, login user name, login password and mailbox, complete the installation and login.

6. Here, WordPress is on the to deploy the installation completed, then you can write your blog.

Background management:

Front page:


There are two main advantages of building WordPress on

1 is the speed, because this is a domestic code hosting platform, so the speed is much faster;

2 is the application space and build station is relatively easy, Chinese interface compared to OpenShift, Ooowebhost and other foreign space for space applications and use more convenient; the way you use Git to manage your code and other code-hosting spaces is the same as using Git, which is also a challenge, and if you haven't used git yet, it might take some time to understand the basics of how and how to use Git as a tool. Code hosting Platform build WordPress

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