Cognos Big Data analysis can also be great

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Big Data opens up a new era of business analytics that makes it possible for organizations to make smarter decisions based on a wider range of data, including traditional data warehouses, social media, personal text data, and more. Cognos BI provides broader support for big data sources such as Hadoop, analytics data storage, and real-time streaming data, helping businesses get a more complete view of their business and take swift action based on insights.

Cognos provides support for various big data platforms starting with the 10.2.x release

IBM is the only vendor in the industry that offers all the technologies and products involved in analytics from the bottom of the big data platform to the front end. IBM Cognos Bi remains a leader in the field of Big data analytics in full swing. Let's take a detailed description of how Cognos BI supports various big data analytics platforms.

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Support for the Hadoop platform

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Support for the following Hadoop platforms has been added since the Cognos 10.2.1 release. With the evolution of the version, support updates for subsequent new releases of the relevant software have been provided in the current version 10.2.2. (The following are Cognos 10.2. Version 1 support)

    • Cloudera

    • Apache (Hive 0.8 and 0.9)

    • Horton Works

    • AWS Elastic MapReduce

    • IBM BigInsights 2.1 via Big SQL (or Hive)

Support for new analytic data sources

In addition to Hadoop, we also provide support for more analytical data sources. All current mainstream data sources are well supported by Cognos DQM (Cognos Dynamic Query Mode), and some of the newly supported databases are as follows:

    • DB2 10.5 BLU (via DQM)

    • Netezza 7.0 (via DQM)

    • SAP HANA (via DQM)

    • Teradata 14.1 (via DQM)

    • Amazon Redshift (via ODBC)

The Big data platform supported by Cognos BI is supported by the mainstream Hadoop platform. The Cognos BI server connects to Hadoop via the Hive JDBC driver and generates hive QL to query the Hadoop file system. Metadata from Hive Catalog can be imported into the Cognos Framework Manager, which enables the Business Intelligence modeling tool to publish Hadoop content packs to the COGNOSBI server. These content packs can be used to create compelling Cognos reports and analytics (including Active report), dashboards, and workspaces, all leveraging the map/reduce capabilities of Hadoop. In addition, Cognos BI provides an Bigsql interface for the IBM Hadoop platform Biginsights, and the integration of Cognos BI with IBM Bigsql can be a performance improvement over the previous hive solution. You can make queries directly from Hbase/hdfs without having to build a relational query layer (relational query layers) for the same purpose. If you think Hadoop is the enterprise Big Data platform architecture, IBM big SQL and biginsights will be a good choice. Next I'll cover details about the integrated configuration of Cognos BI with IBM biginsights.

Cognos BI Configuration Connection biginsights

Cognos BI Configuration connection biginsights overall architecture

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Ready to work, copy drive jar package to Cognos server directory

Cognos BI connects to biginsights through the JDBC data provider, and before configuring the connection to biginsights, you need to copy the data source connection JDBC driver jar package to the corresponding directory of the Cognos server.

Hive Connection mode:

Copy the Java folder from the Bigsql installation directory Hive-jdbc-0.8.0.jar to the \webapps\p2pd\web-inf\lib folder for each Cognos installation. (This is the case with Hive version 0.8)

Bigsql Connection mode:

Copy the Bigsql-jdbc-driver.jar file from the Java folder in the Bigsql installation directory to the \webapps\p2pd\web-inf\lib folder for each Cognos installation.

Note: BigInsights requires that the version of the hive and Bigsql JDBC driver be the same version as the server itself that it will connect to.

Create a biginsights data source connection

To create a new data source connection in Cognos Administration, select the connection type: JDBC.

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In the Connection type subkey, select the type of data source you want to connect to.

Note: The hive option is an open platform Apachehive interface type, and IBM BigInsights hive has special options.

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Enter Biginsights related connection information.

The connection information uses the//:/format to enter the BigInsights server URI into the JDBC URL field, such as//localhost:7052/defaultdb.

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Enter the user name ID and password for the login database

Test the connectivity of the data source, and you will be prompted to connect successfully after the connection is successfully tested.

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Cognos Framework Manager Connection biginsights Modeling

After configuring the data source connection, you can start the Cognos Framework Manager model creation, and the most significant difference from the connection-relational database is the use of the big sql/ Hive Connection Biginsights as a data source without installing any clients and drivers locally on the FM client, you can directly read the connection information on the Cognos Server for FM modeling operations.

There is no difference between creating a model and a normal data source, but in custom queries or functions you need to refer to the Biginsights standard for custom modifications, and then start your big data analytics journey.

Cognos Big Data analysis can also be great

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