COGS729 Round Table Dinner

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Problem Description:
assume that there are representatives from different units of M participating in an international conference. The number of delegates per unit is
ri (I=1,2,3...M),. The Conference restaurant has a total of n tables, each dining table accommodates c I (I=1,2...N) delegates.
in order to make the delegates fully communicated, it is hoped that representatives from the same unit will not dine at the same table. Try to design an algorithm,
give a representative dining plan that meets the requirements.
«Programming tasks:
for a given number of delegates and tables as well as table capacity, programming is calculated to meet the requirements of the representative dining plan.
«Data Entry:
the input data is provided by the file The 1th line of the file has 2 positive integers m and n,m represents the number of units, n table
table number, 1<=m<=150, 1<=n<=270. The 2nd line of the file has m positive integers representing each unit
number. The 3rd line of the file has n positive integers representing the capacity of each table.
«result output:
at the end of the program, the meal plan will be output to the file roundtable.out. If the problem has a solution, the file
1 Line Output 1, otherwise output 0. The next M-line gives the table number represented by each unit. If you have more than one meeting to
Solution , as long as the output of 1 scenarios.
Example output file for input file sample




Maximum flow problem.

The source point S is connected to all units, the capacity is the number of units;

Each unit is attached to all tables and has a capacity of 1 (only one person can be assigned);

Each table to the meeting point T edge, capacity for the table can accommodate the number of people;

Run the maximum flow, if it can be full flow, indicating that the problem has a solution.

Check each edge, record which tables each unit sent to, and then output the answer.

1#include <iostream>2#include <cstdio>3#include <algorithm>4#include <cstring>5#include <queue>6#include <vector>7 using namespacestd;8 Const intmxn= the;9 intRead () {Ten     intx=0, f=1;CharCh=GetChar (); One      while(ch<'0'|| Ch>'9'){if(ch=='-') f=-1; ch=GetChar ();} A      while(ch>='0'&& ch<='9') {x=x*Ten-'0'+ch;ch=GetChar ();} -     returnx*F; - } the structedge{ -     intu,v,nxt,f; -}e[mxn*Ten]; - inthd[mxn],mct=1; + voidAdd_edge (intUintVintf) { -E[++MCT].V=V;E[MCT].U=U;E[MCT].F=F;E[MCT].NXT=HD[U];HD[U]=MCT;return; + } A intn,m; at ints,t; - intD[MXN]; - BOOLBFS (intSintt) { -queue<int>Q; -memset (D,0,sizeofd); -d[s]=1; in Q.push (s); -      while(!Q.empty ()) { to         intu=Q.front (); Q.pop (); +          for(intI=hd[u];i;i=e[i].nxt) { -             intv=e[i].v; the             if(!d[v] &&e[i].f) { *d[v]=d[u]+1; $ Q.push (v);Panax Notoginseng             } -         } the     } +     returnD[t]; A } the intDFS (intUintLim) { +     if(u==t)returnLim; -     inttmp,f=0; $      for(intI=hd[u];i;i=e[i].nxt) { $         intv=e[i].v; -         if(d[v]==d[u]+1&&e[i].f) { -tmp=DFS (V,min (LIM,E[I].F)); thee[i].f-=tmp; -e[i^1].f+=tmp;Wuyilim-=tmp; thef+=tmp; -             if(!lim)returnF; Wu         } -     } Aboutd[u]=0; $     returnF; - } -InlineintDinic () { -     intres=0; A      while(BFS (s,t)) res+=DFS (s,1e9); +     returnRes; the } - intR[MXN],C[MXN]; $vector<int>TO[MXN]; the intMain () the { theFreopen ("","R", stdin); theFreopen ("Roundtable.out","W", stdout); -M=read (); n=read (); in     inti,j; the     intsmm=0; the      for(i=1; i<=m;i++) R[i]=read (), smm+=r[i];//number About      for(i=1; i<=n;i++) C[i]=read ();//Table Capacity thes=0; t=n+m+1; the      for(i=1; i<=n;i++) {//Dining Table the Add_edge (S,i,c[i]); +Add_edge (I,s,0); -     } the      for(i=1; i<=m;i++){Bayi          for(j=1; j<=n;j++){ theAdd_edge (J,i+n,1); theAdd_edge (I+n,j,0); -         } -     } the      for(i=1; i<=m;i++){ theAdd_edge (i+n,t,r[i]); theAdd_edge (T,i+n,0); the     } -     intans=dinic (); the     if(ANS!=SMM) {printf ("0\n");return 0;} the      for(i=2; i<=mct;i++){ the         if(e[i].f && e[i].u!=s && e[i].u!=t && e[i].v!=s && e[i].v!=t && e[i].u>e[i].v) {94to[e[i].u-N].push_back (E[I].V); the         } the     } theprintf"1\n");98      for(i=1; i<=m;i++){ About          for(j=0; J<to[i].size (); j + +){ -printf"%d", To[i][j]);101         }102printf"\ n");103     }104     return 0; the}

COGS729 Round Table Dinner

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