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Basic Features

This kind of photograph is the interior simulation background, the background cloth scenery imitates the real scene to make, this is this several years popular exterior scene inside Pats. Simulation background of the scene has a better sense of space, in the color palette as far as possible and the real location similar, has achieved a genuine effect.

Applicable recommendations

Simulation background of the creative golden hue, in the photo studio to adjust a few such feelings, you can increase the diversity of photos. This kind of thing is a creative golden hue that fits all the photos.

Focus of the adjustment and repair

1, Halftone

The standard warm color, the picture light feeling is stronger, the performance technique is exquisite. The tone is creative and the background tones in real life vary greatly.

2, Color

Whether it is a high-profile middle tone or low-key golden yellow to seize the entire picture of the vision, such photos are the same effect, yellow occupies the main position, but the photos can also use some adjacent color to highlight the characters. This photo of the character's dress is red, red and golden is the adjacent color, but also a more harmonious collocation, said finally here to add color knowledge.

Same color

The nature of the hue is the same, but the chroma has a depth. (The color in the 15° angle in the hue ring) such as crimson and reddish.

Adjacent color

Adjacent colors, such as green and blue, are adjacent to each other in color bands, such as Red and yellow.

Near the color is often between you have me, I have you. For example: Vermilion and orange, vermilion red mainly, inside a little yellow, orange yellow to yellow, which has a little red, although they have a big difference in hue, but in the visual is relatively close. In a color wheel, all colors within a 60-degree range are adjacent to the color range.

Complementary color

In three primary colors, any color is the complementary complement of the other two primary colors. In the Hue ring, the two colors in the diameter position are complementary to each other. There are three kinds of primary colors, namely red, yellow, blue, they can not be decomposed color units. Each of the three primary colors to match the resulting color called colors, such as red plus yellow orange, Huanggalan for green, Langa for purple, orange, green, purple called colors. Red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple are complementary to each other's relationship. Because of the strong separation of complementary colors, so in the performance of color painting, in the appropriate position to use complementary colors, not only can enhance the color contrast, pull away the sense of distance, but also to show a special visual contrast and balance effect.

Contrast color

The color opposite each color in the hue ring (180 degrees diagonally), it is called the contrasting color (complementary color). Putting the contrasting colors together gives a strong sense of rejection. If mixed together, it will bring out the cloudy color. such as: Red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple are contrasting colors. You can also define a contrasting color: two colors that can be clearly differentiated, called contrasting colors. Including hue contrast, lightness contrast, saturation contrast, warm and cold contrast, complementary color contrast, colour and color contrast. It is an important means to form the obvious color effect, and it is also an important method to give the color expression. Its performance form is excellent at the same time contrast and successive contrast cent. such as yellow and blue, purple and green, red and green, any color and black, white, gray, dark and light, cool and warm, bright and dark color are contrasting relations.

Similar color

The color adjacent to the 90-degree corner of the color wheel is referred to as a similar color. For example, red-red orange-orange-yellow-green-green, cyan-purple, and so on are similar colors. Similar color due to the hue contrast is not strong give people a sense of calm and harmony, so in color matching is often applied.

3. People

The success of the photo is ultimately based on the character's performance and the details of the control, the characters and the whole picture want to coordinate normal, character posture to natural, because the simulation background is mostly the choice of natural scenery (such as Woods, Sea, Road, Sky.) And so on) the color of the characters and the whole picture, the characters are affected by environmental color, the big scene is what color, the color of the characters will contain what kind of colors.

4, Local

Highlights should also have layers can not be very flat gold dark part can not handle the dark one. In particular, the perspective of the horizon and the road should conform to the perspective principle of near real far-empty, near-large and small.

5, Texture

The performance of texture, although the simulation background, but also very good performance background objects such as road texture, the texture of the scene, the sky and the texture of the clouds and so on.

6. Attention Matters

1, space performance (to meet the perspective principle)

2, the prominent key figures.

3, color collocation to Harmony, the whole picture is warm, tone must be clear.

4, the details of the processing, digital methods have many kinds, in the processing must be fine.

Action instance

This photo is the studio simulation background pictures, at first glance, the broad road is very perspective feeling, stable horizon, thick clouds increase the image of the thick feeling, the original picture is better, a strong sense of space, adjust up more smoothly.

1, decorate the background and character, make the overall color tend to unify. Modifies the face and details of a character. You can also do some proper liquefaction. The pursuit of the beauty of character lines. Here I use the channel to grind the skin concrete steps as shown:

2, the image of the defect modification, this step is also very important, the color palette must be decorated in the perfect picture, so that the tune out of the screen is the first feeling comfortable.

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