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Web page also consider the symbolic meaning of color. Color can be configured to reveal your mood and preferences, but also to expose your control of the color of the degree.

In the use of color, can be based on the content of the home page needs and their preferences, respectively, the use of different main colors. Because the color is symbolic, for example: Tender green, emerald, yellow, gray brown can symbolize the spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively. Second, there are professional signs color, such as: Military Police's olive green, medical and health, white and so on. Color also has a clear psychological feeling, such as cold, warm feeling, the effect of entering and returning. In addition, the color also has the national nature, each nationality because of the environment, the culture, the tradition and so on the influence, to the color preference also has the big difference. The full use of these characteristics of color, we can make our homepage has a profound artistic connotation, thereby enhancing the cultural taste of the homepage.

Dark color with high brightness contrast, will give a clear, intense, very strong stimulation such as deep yellow to barbed yellow. The contrast between the dark color and the high brightness, will give people calm, stable, deep sense of feeling, such as red in the middle of the tattoo, neutral color and low height of the contrast, give a person vague, hazy, profound feeling, such as green grass in the middle is light gray, pure color and high brightness contrast, give people the feeling of jumping and dancing. such as yellow and white pure color and low brightness contrast, give a person soft, cheerful feeling fast. such as light blue and white solid color and dark contrast, give a tough, immutable feeling.

Here is the symbolic meaning of some of the colors

1. Tone

Warm tones. namely red, orange, yellow, ochre color and so on, can make the homepage presents warm, genial, warm atmosphere.

Cold tones. That is, cyan, green, purple and other color collocation, can make the homepage presents the tranquil, cool, the elegant atmosphere.

Contrasting tones. That is, the color of the exact opposite color collocation in the same space. For example: Red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue and so on collocation, can produce strong visual effect, give a person bright, bright, festive feeling. Of course, contrasting tones if used poorly, will backfire, produce tacky, dazzling bad effect. This is to grasp the "great harmony, small contrast" this important principle, that is, the overall tone should be unified and harmonious, local places can have some small strong contrast.

2. Pigment

1) Color ring

We will color according to "Red-> yellow-> green-> Blue-> Red" in turn over the gradient, you can get a color ring. The ends of the color ring are warm and Hanse, medium color. (pictured below)

Red, orange, yellow, yellow, green, blue green, blue, blue, violet, purple, red.
|___________| |____| |_________| |_________|
| | | | Neutral system of warm color system

2) The psychological feeling of color

Different colors give the viewer different psychological feelings. Each color changes slightly in saturation and transparency, creating a different feeling.

Red: Strong, festive color. Has the stimulation effect, easy to make the person to produce the impulse, is a kind of magnificent spirit manifests, the anger, the enthusiasm, the vigor feeling
Orange: is also a kind of exciting color, with brisk, joyful, warm, warm, stylish effect.
Yellow: The highest brightness, warm warm feeling, with happiness, hope, wisdom and brisk personality, give people feel brilliant

Green: A feeling of harmony, tranquility, health and safety in the middle of a warm and cold color. And golden, pale white collocation, produce elegant, comfortable atmosphere.

Blue: Eternal, broad, the most cool, fresh, professional color. Mixed with white, can embody supple, elegant, romantic atmosphere, give people feel calm, rational

Purple: Girls like this color most, give a person mysterious, oppressive feeling

Black: A feeling of deep, mysterious, silent, sad, repressed

White: With a white, crisp, pure, clean feeling

Gray: A sense of moderation, mediocrity, moderation, humility, neutrality and elegance

Black, white: Different times give people different feelings, black sometimes feel silent, void, sometimes feel solemn. White sometimes feels endless hope, sometimes it feels fear and sadness.

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