COM domain name the world's most popular, Huaxia name network to force 53 yuan domain name registration

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COM domain name the world's most popular, Huaxia name network to force 53 yuan domain name registration

Foreign well-known web site Hosterstats released the February 2011 Global Domain Name Registration Statistics report, to COM for the suffix of the total number of domain names up to 92 million, become the world's most popular domain name suffix. Next is NET, Org.
In this connection, we contacted the old domain name Registrar huaxia Network, Huaxia network related people told us that COM as the world's most popular domain name suffix, in China is the case, the vast majority of mainstream web sites are using COM or cn these two major suffixes. Huaxia Name Network since 2002 and China's largest domain registrar of the new network of close cooperation, COM, NET, CN and other domain name registration from the new network. At the same time with the global group of large domain name registrars enom cooperation to provide LA, CC, info, HK, name and other dozens of foreign domain names, new domain name registration. At present, Huaxia name network users of the number of domain name registration approximation of 100,000.
Domain name as the Internet brand, enterprise intangible assets, domain name security, stability and cost-effective is very important, domain name registration mainly pay attention to domain name ownership, domain name resolution speed and domain name registration and renewals price three aspects.
Huaxia Name network domain name registration 100% to ensure the ownership of domain names, domain name registrars, registered mailboxes are submitted by members of the information, at the same time, Huaxia Network also for official members to provide SMS reminder service, when your domain name to expire, will be received in advance from the Huaxia network reminder. The effective avoidance of the domain name due to forget to renew the cost of the accident,
Huaxia Name Network has 6 groups of DNS servers, domain name resolution speed up to 1 seconds, much higher than the industry average time. At the same time, the price of domain name is very stable, the past 8 years has been the implementation of COM domain name 59 yuan a year of renewal price, recently also launched a 53 yuan/the first year of preferential prices.

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