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Social needs are the driving force behind human progress. No, I need to learn the knowledge of COM to complete the work. The software industry is an industry that keeps learning and improving. learning methods are crucial.

The first chapter is a basic introduction. It basically focuses on why COM and COM are used, rather than what centers. The purpose is to explain that this book is justified by the author! For me, I don't need to look at this part of content. I don't need guidance from the author for the reason of learning. I will soon be able to learn the truth in practice, haha.

List the summary:


With the rapid development of the software industry technology, the traditional one will be applied by developers every several years.ProgramThe upgrade method is increasingly unable to meet the needs of software development. The solution to this problem is to divide the application into small applications or components. These components are then assembled at runtime to form the desired application. Each component can be upgraded without affecting other components. This allows applications to evolve at any time.

Com provides a standard method for writing components. Com-compliant components can be combined to form applications. As for who compiled these components, how to implement them is irrelevant. Each COM component can be used together with other components. Information encapsulation is a key issue that can dynamically change components. For encapsulation, COM is implemented through the connection or interface between the component and the customer.


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