Combined with delegation and Ajax, the open-source user control of the dialog box without refreshing confirmation is implemented.

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That is, Ajax. It is not explained. ajaxcontroltoolkit. dll is used.

Use the delegate technology to create an "Event" for our user controls. You can bind an event to the control and call the external interface when an event is executed internally.Code.

Combination of the two = rich UI Experience + strong flexibility.

Makes user controls, keeps open source features, and learns from other aspects to facilitate debugging and expansion.

There are still some imperfections. Please help solve them:
(See the use of source code)
1. If table is not used, a line break will appear during display. Can I add a line break to a webpage like a normal link through internal processing in the user control?
2. when I use GET/set in the user control to set attributes, values can be assigned in the code to display them. During design, values cannot be assigned because labels are not generated. What is the correct method? To modify attributes in the design view in a browser, it is best to modify the attributes in the design view. The text of the user control also changes.
3. How to Write a custom control (DLL) to the web )? Web control cannot be added during custom control design. What should I do if I want to use ajaxtoolkit?
4. the Ajax control bound to datalist cannot obtain the binding property. Is there a one-time feature in datalist? After each item is displayed, the server executes dispose ()? Otherwise, the binding in it alone becomes invalid.

Basic Environment:
. NET Framework 2.0
Iis5 +

Debugging environment:


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