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I have been busy recently, so I haven't written a blog for a long time. This is not correct. To be honest, I can't think of anything to write. Just write a word at will.

1, Search for combs

I like the combs of "Tan Carpenter" very much and very much. The first one isLGI was on a business trip a long time ago and brought it back from Nanjing. Later, we went to Suzhou to buy a wedding dress. By the way, we went to guanqian Street and bought another one. Later, longzhimeng opened a branch and we bought another branch.

A few days ago, I suddenly decided to buy two more combs. I remember there was a tan carpenter branch on the way to wuning, and I went straight there happily. As a result, I was surprised to find that the store turned into a leather bag store, which was too tasteless.

The next day, I went to Dragon dream to buy it again. As a result, the store unexpectedly disappeared and became a Health Care store.

Have tan carpenter withdrawn from the Shanghai market? No reason !!!

? Next timeJustinaIf I am on a business trip to Nanjing, I have to be cheeky and ask Yi to bring me a Carpenter Tan's comb. I want to write a requirement document as soon as possible for buying a comb of what shape, material, and price.

2Qiao Yu xuejie

When I got off the bus the day before yesterday, I saw a girl with great familiarity. It turned out to be a school sister.

I grabbed my sister's arm and shouted, "Hey, you're here too ."

Xuejie said, "You are the one ."

I said, "Where are you now ?"

"This is my business card. I'm going to be late. I'm going to run ."

It turns out that xuejie is in the office building next to me, so close, but never knows.

3High-profile Sissy

I sat full at lunch yesterday. I found a vacant space and sat down excitedly.

Just as I face dishes that are full and enjoy them before cooking. Suddenly I heard a girl's voice, and I sat down in a girl's face.

At first, I endured it. I only wanted to eat on my own without looking up.

However, this lady is a porridge, and does not stop talking for a second. The voice of the speech is so faint that you may have to smile from time to time,Orz......

Later, when I was drinking so, I had no idea what kind of stimulation I had suffered. As a result, I sent a silver bell-like laugh, and the sound was still improved by an eight-degree. I collapsed and gave him a look.

God, this girl's voice actually assisted the body language, and the flowers were trembling with laughter. The voice was as sweet as Lin Zhiling and the orchid finger was tilted. The man sitting on the opposite side of him seldom talks and does not smile very much. It is estimated that it is not very cold to the lady.

So I raised my neck, drank the soup, and fled the road.


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