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Comfort Guide

Comfort guide-important ergonomics Information

Whether you use a keyboard or mouse for five minutes or five hours, these suggestions help you stay comfortable and work efficiently.

Some researchers and experts said that improper workspace, incorrect body posture, and bad work habits may be related to physical discomfort and nerves, tendons, and muscle injuries. If you feel pain in your hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck or back, numbness, tingling, weakness, swelling, burning, convulsions or stiffness, consult a qualified health professional.

To get the most comfortable and reduce the chance of injury, follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure that your workspace is properly arranged.

  • Place the keyboard and monitor directly in front of you, and place the mouse next to it.
  • Place the elbows on both sides of the body.
  • Adjust the height of the chair and table to make the keyboard and mouse as high as or below the elbow height.
  • Place the mouse in a place that is easy to touch so that the elbow remains close to both sides of the body when you use the mouse. The Optical Mouse does not require a mouse pad. If a mouse pad is used, the mouse pad thickness must be taken into account when adjusting the height. Make your feet well supported and relax your shoulders. Place the documents required for typing close to the monitor to avoid frequent head rotation and eye viewpoint changes. You can use the document holder help.
  • Place materials on the desktop according to the frequency of use:
    Frequently Used-place the most commonly used materials to the nearest place.
    Use occasionally-place the occasionally used materials within the length of an arm.
    Rarely used-put seldom used materials further, but take convenience into account.

2. Relax your shoulders, arm, wrist and hands during work.

  • Let your arms drop down for a short time, so that they can relax on the floor.
  • Try to relax at work.
  • If there is a palm tray, it is used for key-hitting operations, but not for typing. When typing, the opponent may increase the stress, which increases the chance of injury.
  • When using a keyboard or mouse, avoid placing your wrist on a sharp edge or desktop:
  • When using the mouse, make sure that the elbow is close to both sides of the body. Keep your wrist straight-do not bend up or down or toward any side. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Do not bow back or shoulders.

3. Adopt good work habits.

Learn how to use your keyboard and mouse for optimal comfort. You will avoid unnecessary exercise.

  • Regular short-term rest. Get up and walk around several times every hour. Change different tasks every day. Do something different from time to time with your hands and arm.
  • Touch the keyboard to better control the mouse.
  • Install and use the software included with the product to customize specific buttons to minimize repeated or inconvenient actions.
  • 4. Be alert for discomfort.

    When typing or typing, once the hand, elbow, shoulder, neck, or back feels pain, weakness, paralysis or tingling, or you have any reason to believe that you are unwell due to typing or using the mouse, you shall consult qualified health professionals.

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