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Comicstudio Pen tool is very powerful, before only talked about the specific hook process, this issue we want to fully understand the pen tool. Previously talked about homemade outlets, this time we have to make a slightly more complex point of the network bar! Still is the first to send a complete picture:

1. Draw a sketch. Create a new paging file (shortcut key CTRL + N) to remove the inner border. Draw the sketch first. Sketches can be drawn on a new draft layer so that when you export an image, you can choose whether the draft is exported. The advantage of doing this is to make it easy to export the layers you need.

Figure 1

2. Hook line. When the sketch is finished, start the hook line. I'm still going to start with the characters. Use the pen tool G-PEN hook structure line, pay attention to the thickness of the line changes. The thickness of the line changes the best is a shape, so as to improve the efficiency of painting. I use the board is a friend of the shadow wp8060-08, stroke sense, 1024-level pressure is easy to make the line to produce rich change effect.

The line of the hair I choose to use pen tool of the circle pen, and then with G and dysprosium pen black, so you can draw a rich hair.

Figure 2-1 is the text section of the character, and figure 2-2 and figure 2-3 are the way to enlarge the girl's and boy's hair.

Figure 2-1

Figure 2-2

Figure 2-3

3. There may be a lot of friends want to know dysprosium pen, G pen, round pen and this time no use of student pens, brush drawing out of the line what is different.

I use the 0.3mm size of the brush, in the peak, out of the peak, the correction is 0 and do not repeat the line, respectively, with five nib painted the same clothes pleat, such as Figure 3.

We can see from this picture that the G-pen changes are the largest of all pens; the round pen changes less than the G nib, but the lines are very fine; Dysprosium pen has changed, but the lines are thicker; the students ' pens are hard, little change, and the brush changes greatly, and the changes are even, and the lines feel the softest.

Flexible use of a variety of pens, you can make our line changes rich.

Figure 3

4. Okay, back to the point. When the characters are hooked, they begin to tick the flowers. When I tick the flowers, I still choose the G-pen with the most varied lines. After the flower is finished figure 4-2:

Figure 4-1

Figure 4-2

5. Create a blank file and draw the background staircase with a straight line tool.

Figure 5

6. After merging all layers, press CTRL + A and press CTRL + C. Go back to the illustration file and press CTRL + V to copy the background. After adjusting the position, in order not to break the background, I created a raster layer between the character line and the background line, and filled the part with white to block the background. The following figure:

Figure 6

7. Then select Pen tool in the circle pen, to the position of the Shadow line.

Figure 7

8. Feeling the boy's background was rather empty, I added curtains and windows to show that the boys and girls were not in the same place. After drawing the top petals, the manuscript section ends.

Figure 8

9. Paste the net. Use the previously mentioned patch network steps to screen people. The Web Part is not too much to tell.

Figure 9

10. The background of the lace with the comicstudio from the dot, rotate the angle.

Figure 10

11. The point of the window is comicstudio with a sky dot, paste the bright glass with a pen.

Figure 11

12. When the net, pay attention to the line number, I use the mesh point for 50L, so that the net is finished half.

Figure 12

13. The dot on the left of the network is comicstudio in a landscape of the net paper, but the net paper is not complete, on the half can not show out.

Figure 13

14. I use the graphics brush scraping net tool, the foreground color to transparent, the edge of the web paper scraping out.

Figure 14

15. As for the upper part of the leaves we have to make their own.

Open Photoshop, New and Comicstudio file size, using a brush leaf effect of the tool preset (this tool preset needs to be installed separately) draw the leaves, pay attention to the pressure of the pen with the pressure, draw a general level out, the following figure:

Figure 15

16. Save as JPEG image. Then, in the user folder in the Web Footage window in Comicstudio, click on the new Web page button to create a new web paper in our sixth tutorial.

Figure 16

17. Then paste the Web paper onto the page and adjust the position. At this time the floret of the front just can play a cushion, so that the level of the background dot out.

Figure 17

18. Finally on all layers of the above new raster layer, with the brush in the "halo slightly thicker" point on some points of light, completed.

Figure 18

19. The final effect is to be exported before you see it. The reason has been said many times, no longer repeat.

Note: This tutorial copyright for Friends of science and technology, such as the need to reprint please specify the Friends of science and technology special tutorials and tutorials source, any units and individuals may tamper with, excerpts, theft map or other ways to use this tutorial, violators of the Friends of the science and Technology will be held responsible for its related.

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