Command for testing VPS hard drive and network performance

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Command for testing VPS hard drive and network performance

With the increasing capacity and cost-effectiveness of storage media (such as hard disks), the development and maturity of VPS technology, and the popularization of prices, the application of VPS is also getting wider and wider. Many webmasters started to switch their websites from virtual hosts to VPS. For example, the following cost-effective miguo VPS: BurstNET (commonly known as 84vps), DirectSpace, and BuyVM. Of course, the use of VPS also requires a certain technical foundation. The following is a comprehensive test of the VPS hard drive and network performance, and I hope to help you.

  • Command: TOP
  • Command for viewing vps cpu information: cat/proc/cpuinfo
  • Use DD to test the read/write performance of VPS hard disk I/O
  • VPS egress and ingress network performance test
  • Test the overall performance of LinuxVPS using UB Software
  • Test the access speed of VPS websites in China and Abroad

I. view top information


The main information parameters include the statistical information area. The first five lines are the overall statistical information of the system. The first line is the task queue information, which is the same as the execution result of the uptime command. The content is as follows:
09:14:53 current time
Up 3 days, system running time, in the format of day, hour: minute
1 user current Login user count
Load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.03 system load, that is, the average length of the task queue.
The three values are the average values from 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes ago to the present.
Other information includes CPU usage, memory usage, and system process information.

Ii. View CPU information and performance

Run the command first to obtain your CPU information. You can also view it in the probe. The probe contains more details.


The main performance parameters include: the total number of cores, and the frequency of each core. In general, the single-core high frequency is not limited, which is better than the multi-core low frequency.

Iii. Hard Disk I/O performance testing

Test the hard disk I/O performance, which seriously damages the hard disk. It is not recommended to try it multiple times or for a long time. The command is as follows:

Dd if =/dev/zero of = test bs = 64 k count = 4 k oflag = dsync

Generally, if the test result exceeds 10 MB, the normal website creation will not be affected. If it exceeds 50 MB, It is very powerful. (Note: This test is highly damaging to the hard disk. Please use it as appropriate)

Iv. Network Performance Testing

The VPS network performance is mainly divided into two indicators: the egress and the portal. You can use the wget file to obtain the following information:


Check the download speed. If the download speed is greater than 10 Mb/s, it may be a hundred Mbit/s port. It reaches 70 M/S, which is probably a G port.

V. Comprehensive Performance of UB running points

A foreign linux performance-specific software that allows you to run out of scores for comparison:

Wget;sh./unixstrap. sh;

The total score is lower than 400, even if the performance is low; 1000-is a normal VPS level; if the performance exceeds, the performance is powerful.

Vi. Test the access speed of VPS

This test mainly tests the PING value and the viewing TRACERT value to determine the speed. About these websites:

Webmaster station:
Card Network:
Foreign: software:

Conclusion: the above test is the vps from the BUYVM. It adopts the CentOS5 + Nginx + MySQL + PHP (LNMP) architecture, generally, the test results of the same service provider and the same VPS model may not be the same, because the performance of different master servers may also be different. In addition, the same hen, the scores obtained using different architectures may be different. The same VPS has different results in different time periods, different loads of hens, no-load or full loads of chicks.

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