Command-line Curl tutorial, which can be used to send a request to a Web server under Linux

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CURL? Well, it's a long story.

This thing is now one of the built-in command-line tools on the Apple machine, and it shows its charm.

Apart, let's start from here!


After the carriage return, the HTML is splinters on the screen ~~~~~

Well, if you want to save the reading page, do you want to do this?

Curl > page.html

Sure, but don't be so troublesome!
With Curl's built-in option, save the HTTP result, using this option:-O

Curl-o page.html

This way, you can see a download page progress indicator appears on the screen. When we get to 100%, it's OK.

What what?! Not accessible? It must be that your proxy has not been set.
Using Curl, this option allows you to specify the proxy server and its port to use for HTTP access:-X

Curl-x page.html

It's annoying to visit some websites, and he uses cookies to record session information.
Browsers like Ie/nn, of course, can easily handle cookie information, but what about our curl? .....
Let's learn this. Option:-D <--This is to put the cookie information inside the HTTP response into a special file.

Curl-x page.html-d cookie0001.txt

This way, when the page is saved to page.html, the cookie information is stored in the cookie0001.txt.

So, how do you continue to use the cookie information you left last time you visit? You know, a lot of websites rely on monitoring your cookie information,
To determine if you are not visiting their website by the rules.
This time we use this option to append the last cookie information to the HTTP request:-B

Curl-x page1.html-d cookie0002.txt-b cookie0001.txt

In this way, we can almost simulate all the IE operation, to visit the Web page!

Wait a minute, ~~~~~, I seem to have forgotten something ~~~~~
That's right! is the browser information ~ ~ ~

Some annoying websites always want us to use certain browsers to access them, and sometimes even more, we have to use some specific versions ~ ~ ~
NND, where is the time to find these weird browsers for it!?

Fortunately, Curl provides us with a useful option that allows us to arbitrarily specify our own browser information as claimed by this visit:-A

Curl-a "mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0) "-X page.html-d cookie0001.txt

In this way, the server side to the requirements of access, will think you are a running on Windows 2000 IE6.0, hehe Hey, you may actually use an apple machine!

and "mozilla/4.73 [en] (X11; U Linux 2.2; i686 "You can tell each other that you are running Linux on a PC with the Netscape 4.73, huh huh?

Another common limiting method on a server side is to check HTTP access referer. For example, you first visit the homepage, and then access the download page specified in the, this second access to the Referer address is the first successful access to the page address. In this way, the server side as long as the download page to find the Referer address of a visit is not the address of the home, it can be concluded that it is a thief ~~~~~

I just want to steal ~~~~~!!.
Fortunately, Curl gives us the option to set Referer:-E

Curl-a "mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0) "-X" "-O page.html-d cookie0001.txt

In this way, you can cheat each other's server, you are from the click on a chain took over, oh hehe

It says something important is missing out! -----Use Curl to download files

Just now, download the page to a file, you can use-o, download the same file.
Like what

Curl-o 1.jpg Http://

Here we teach you a new option:-O
Uppercase O, so used:

Curl-o Http://

In this way, you can follow the file name on the server, automatically exist locally!

Another better use.
If Screen1. There are also screen2.jpg and screen3 outside of JPG. JPG 、....、 Screen10. JPG needs to be downloaded, is it difficult for us to write a script to complete these operations?
Don't do it!
In curl, this is the way to write:

Curl-o[1-10]. Jpg

Oh, what a bad, huh?! ~~~

Come again, we continue to explain the download!

Curl-o{zzh,nick}/[001-201]. Jpg

The resulting download is

Is it convenient enough? hahaha

Hey? It's too early to be happy.
Because the Zzh/nick under the file name are 001,002...,201, downloaded files with the same names, the back of the previous files are covered out ~ ~ ~

It's OK, we have more ruthless!

Curl-o #2_ #1.jpg{zzh,nick}/[001-201]. Jpg

-This is ..... Custom file name download?
--to the enemy, hehe!

#1是变量, referring to the {Zzh,nick} section, the first value Zzh, and the second time, Nick
#2代表的变量, it is the second variable part---[001-201], the value is added from 001 to 201
In this way, the name of the downloaded file is customized, and it becomes this:
Original: ~zzh/001.jpg---> After download: 001-zzh. Jpg
Original: ~nick/001.jpg---> After download: 001-nick. Jpg

In this way, not afraid of the file name, hehe

Continue to download
We usually on the Windows platform, flashget such a tool can help us to block parallel download, but also can be disconnected to continue transmission.
Curl in these areas also do not lose to who, hehe

For example, we download screen1. JPG, and suddenly dropped, so we can start the continuation.

Curl-c-O Http://

Of course, you don't have to take a flashget download half of the files to fool me ~ ~ ~ ~ half of the other download software files may not be able to use OH ~ ~ ~

Block download, we can use this option:-R
Examples Show
For example, we have a Http:// to download (Miss Zhao's telephone recitation:D )
We can use this command:

Curl-r 0-10240-o "Zhao.part1" Http:/ &
Curl-r 10241-20480-o "Zhao.part1" Http:/ &
Curl-r 20481-40960-o "Zhao.part1" Http:/ &
Curl-r 40961--O "Zhao.part1" Http:/

This will allow you to download the tiles.
But you need to merge the broken files yourself.
If you use UNIX or apples, use cat zhao.part* > Zhao.mp3 to
If the use of Windows, with copy/b to solve it, hehe

The above is the HTTP protocol download, in fact, FTP can also be used.

Curl-u name:passwd Ftp://ip:port/path/file

or familiar to everyone.

Curl Ftp://name:[email protected]:p ort/path/file

After the download, it is natural to upload the next.
The option to upload is-t

For example, we send a file to ftp:

Curl-t localfile-u name:passwd ftp://upload_site:port/path/

Of course, uploading files to an HTTP server can also
Like what

Curl-t LocalFile

Note that at this time, the protocol used is the put method of HTTP

Just said put, hey, naturally let the old service think up the other several methos have not said it!
Neither get nor post can be forgotten.

HTTP submits a form, more commonly used is the post mode and get mode

Get mode what option is not needed, just write the variable in the URL.
Like what:


The option for Post mode is-D

Curl-d "user=nickwolfe&password=12345"

is equivalent to issuing a login request to this site ~~~~~

In the end to use the Get mode or post mode, the opposite server to see the program settings.

It is important to note that file uploads on files in post mode, such as

<form method= "POST" enctype= "Multipar/form-data" action= "" >
<input Type=file name=upload>
<input type=submit name=nick value= "Go" >

Such an HTTP form, which we want to emulate with curl, is the syntax:

curl-f [email protected]-F Nick=go

Ro-Ro said so much, actually curl has a lot of tricks and usage
For example, when you use local certificates for HTTPS, you can

CURL-E Localcert.pem Https://remote_server

For example, you can also use curl to check the dictionary through the Dict protocol ~~~~~

Curl Dict://

Let's talk about it here today, huh? The Crazy Curl feature requires you to---together to discover.

Copyright by [email protected]

Command-line Curl tutorial, which can be used to send a request to a Web server under Linux

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