Common ADSL Broadband Error resolution method

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  1. Prompt when dialing: Error 678 remote computer does not respond (use VISTA hint 815 WINDOWS7 hint error 651)

(1) Broadband cat or network card is blocked by data, can check the broadband cat link or ADSL LED is long bright, network cable Street can loose, when the general restart Cat and computer can be used normally.

(2) to lift the phone without sound at this time can only dial local network maintenance personnel phone, let it repair!

  2. Computer display "network cable is not connected (with a red fork)" This is generally an XP common fault!

(1) See if the cat's power is turned on.

(2) Broadband cat to the computer network card cable is firmly connected.

(3) Broadband cats are likely to be broken. or network card damage, this you can only pay to repair the computer, or buy a new ADSL cat, network card.

(4) According to personal experience to judge, some bad quality of the cat when the voltage is suddenly high and low, it will automatically restart, it will appear this prompt, should ensure that the indoor power supply voltage stability!

  3. When dialing error prompts--691 or 691 619 alternate appearance

(1) Consider re-enter your account password, if you have not resolved the proposal to contact the telecommunications network customer service, ask to verify your password account, whether it has not been stolen! After entering again, try connecting!

(2) Network connection equipment, are very normal. If again redial is still not good, that must doubt is owed the expense!

4. Dialing Prompt "error 769, unable to connect to specified destination"

(1) The NIC is disabled, the workaround opens the Network Neighborhood properties, double-click to enable local connection after the dial-up connection.

(2) If you find no local connection icon is the NIC driver, there is a problem! This estimate can only reload the NIC driver!

  5. Want to test your network rate, this many 360 guards, Golden Hill Guardian QQ Butler and so on, others are also many not to repeat!

  6. Local connection display-limited or no connection

This is not a problem, you can manually set the Ethernet virtual IP192.168.1.1 192.168.1.X or remove the lower left corner of "This link is limited or no connection is notify me" Check!

  7. Network instability, occasionally drop the line!

This involves network physical connectivity barriers, cat quality fever, compatibility, network card failure (slow speed, driver obsolescence).

(1) In accordance with network access, must install separator, in order to ensure the normal broadband network, I suggest you do not add an extension!

(2) The Internet, answering the phone can not be carried out at the same time. This phenomenon generally for the user line insulation is bad or bad contact, or the quality of the separator is not good, at this time can check whether the indoor wiring is bad contact. Whether the thread is damp.

(3) Wrong string extension.

(4) Because the broadband cat has not been closed for a long time, causing the broadband cat overheating will also produce internet instability, it is recommended to shut down the computer, the ADSL cat power off.

(5) ADSL cat do not let go machine, refrigerator and other electric device! such as mobile phones, every few minutes the phone will automatically find the network. This is a powerful electromagnetic interference enough to cause ADSL cats not working properly!

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