Common API functions (11): process and thread Functions

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Cancelwaitabletimer This function is used to cancel a timer operation that can wait.
Callnamedpipe This function is called by a customer process that wants to communicate through the pipeline.
Connectnamedpipe Indicates that a server waits until the client connects to the same named pipe.
Createevent Create an event object
Createmailslot Create a mail path. The returned handle is used by the mail route server (recipient)
Createmutex Create a mutex)
Createnamedpipe Create a named pipe. The returned handle is used by the MPs Queue Server.
Createpipe Create an anonymous Pipeline
CreateProcess Create a new process (such as executing a Program)
Createsemaphore Create a new signal
Createwaitabletimer Create a wait timer object
Disconnectnamedpipe Disconnect a customer from a named pipe
Duplicatehandle Creates a new handle for an existing system object when the current handle is specified.
Exitprocess Abort a process
Findclosechangenotification Disable a change notification object
Findexecutable Find the file name of the program associated with a specified file
Findfirstchangenotification Create a file notification object. This object is used to monitor changes in the file system.
Findnextchangenotification Reset a file change notification object to continue monitoring the next change
Freelibrary Release the specified dynamic link library
Getcurrentprocess Obtains a pseudo handle of the current process.
Getcurrentprocessid Obtains a unique identifier of the current process.
Getcurrentthread Obtains a pseudo handle of the current thread.
Getcurrentthreadid Obtains a unique thread identifier of the current thread.
Getexitcodeproces Obtains the exit code of an interrupted process.
Getexitcodethread Obtains the exit code of a suspended thread.
Gethandleinformation Obtains information about a system object handle.
Getmailslotinfo Obtain information related to a mail route
Getmodulefilename Obtain the complete path name of a loaded template.
Getmodulehandle Obtain the module handle of an application or dynamic link library
Getpriorityclass Obtain the priority of a specific process
Getprocessshutdownparameters Investigate the early delay between a specified process and other processes when the system is shut down.
Getprocesstimes Obtains information about the time of a process.
Getprocessworkingsetsize Measure the test taker's knowledge about how large memory is actually delivered to an application during its operation.
Getsartupinfo Obtains the startup information of a process.
Getthreadpriority Obtains the priority of a specific thread.
Gettheardtimes Obtains information about the time of a thread.
Getwindowthreadprocessid Gets a process and thread identifier associated with a specified window.
Loadlibrary Load the specified dynamic link library and map it to the address space used by the current process
LoadLibraryEx Load the specified dynamic link library and map it to the address space for the current process
Loadmodule Load a Windows application and run it in the specified environment
Msgwaitformultipleobjects Wait for a single object or a series of objects to send signals. If the return condition has been met, return immediately
Setpriorityclass Sets the priority of a process.
Setprocessshutdownparameters During system shutdown, set the sequence of shutdown relative to other programs for the specified process
Setprocessworkingsetsize Set the memory capacity actually allocated to the process by the operating system
Setthreadpriority Set thread priority
ShellExecute Find the file name of the program associated with the specified file
Terminateprocess End a process
Winexec Run the specified program

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