Common editing shortcuts for Gvim

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Gvim shortcut keys are many, it is difficult to remember the whole, but early in the beginning should have found several basic commands

The following is a combination of their common to the introduction of

Cursor Jump:

0: Beginning of the line

$: End of line

E: The end of the next word

W: The beginning of the next word

B: Previous word

H: The beginning of the current page

M: middle of current page

L: End of current page

H: Previous character

J: Next Line

K: Previous Line

L: Next character

To be continue

In the beginning to understand the order of the four shortcut keys HJKL, the most want to spit the top and bottom of the layout of the way, it will make people puzzling to remember

h on

J Down

K On

L Down

But after the actual use of a period, it is reasonable to find that this is true, when looking at the code, the most commonly used function is the last line, the next line, so JK These two convenient shortcut keys assigned to them. And the most commonly used is the next line, so the average person's flexible index finger corresponding to the key J assigned to it. The remaining is the last character, the next character, the two commonly used or the latter, so I will assign to it, as for the last character, can only be done by the index finger.

The shortcut key assignment logic of VIM is the most convenient and fast input and output, understanding this can understand the gvim of the shortcut key allocation way "wonderful place"

Common editing shortcuts for Gvim

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