Common virus Trojan Horse process quick look-up table

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This article contains an overview of Windows almost all common virus, Trojan process name, check your system process to see if the Recruit.

EXE→BF Evolution mbbmanager.exe→ Smart gene

_.exe→tryit Mdm.exe→doly 1.6-1.7

aboutagirl.exe→ first lover microsoft.exe→ Legendary cipher Messenger

Absr.exe→backdoor.autoupder mmc.exe→ Nimda virus

aplica32.exe→ the Dead virus Mprdll.exe→bla

avconsol.exe→ the dead virus msabel32.exe→cain and Abel.

avp.exe→ the dead virus msblast.exe→ the Shockwave virus.

avp32.exe→ the Dead virus Mschv.exe→control

avpcc.exe→ the Dead virus msgsrv36.exe→coma

avpm.exe→ the dead virus msgsvc.exe→ fire Phoenix

avserve.exe→ shock wave virus msgsvr16.exe→acid Shiver

bbeagle.exe→ worm virus Msie5.exe→canasson

Brainspy.exe→brainspy Vbeta Msstart.exe→backdoor.livup

cfiadmin.exe→ will mstesk.exe→doly the dead virus 1.1-1.5

cfiaudit.exe→ to Netip.exe→spirit Beta for the dead virus.

cfinet32.exe→ the dead virus netspy.exe→ network Elf

checkdll.exe→ Network Bull Notpa.exe→backdoor

Cmctl32.exe→back Construction Odbc.exe→telecommando

Command.exe→aol Trojan pcfwallicon.exe→ will be the victim of the virus

diagcfg.exe→ Girls Pcx.exe→xplorer

Dkbdll.exe→der Spaeher pw32.exe→ will be the victim of the virus

Dllclient.exe→bobo Recycle-bin.exe→s**theap

dvldr32.exe→ password virus regscan.exe→ Porter back door variant

esafe.exe→ virus tftp.exe→ Nimda virus

Expiorer.exe→acid Battery thing.exe→thing

feweb.exe→ the Dead virus User.exe→schwindler

Flcss.exe→funlove virus vp32.exe→ the dead virus

frw.exe→ will be the victim of the virus vpcc.exe→ the deceased virus

icload95.exe→ will be the victim of the virus vpm.exe→ the deceased virus

icloadnt.exe→ will be the victim of the virus vsecomr.exe→ the deceased virus

icmon.exe→ will be the victim of the virus Server.exe→revenger, Wincrash, YAT

icsupp95.exe→ the Dead virus Service.exe→trinoo

iexplore.exe→ bad postman virus setup.exe→ password virus or Xanadu

rpcsrv.exe→ Evil postman virus Sockets.exe→vampire

Rundll.exe→sckiss Love Forest Something.exe→bladerunner

rundll32.exe→ Hunter virus spfw.exe→ Reboxetine variant px

runouce.exe→ Chinese hacker virus Svchost.exe (thread 105) → Blue Code

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