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CPanel/WHM common operations on the front-end and back-end must have heard of cPanel, which is very powerful and easy to use in the world, therefore, it is a popular virtual host control system. CPanel foreground common operations menu on the left: check the main domain name, used capacity, used traffic, other bound domain names, whether MySQ is activated Common cPanel/WHM foreground and background operations

A friend who knows about the international host market must have heard of cPanel. it is a powerful and easy-to-use VM control system that is popular with users.

Common cPanel foreground operations

Menu on the left: check the primary domain name, used capacity, used traffic, other bound domain names, and whether MySQL is activated

File Manager: You can view the internal file structure of the space.

Legacy File Manager: decompress the package here, which must be in zip or other formats supported by Linux.

Error log: If a program error occurs when the website is opened, you can view the cause of the error here.

Bandwidth: if the website traffic is large or the server is attacked, you can view the current traffic and bandwidth usage here.

Paused domain: bind the domain name to open the same website content

MySql database: check the activated database for repair and check.

MySql database wizard: Step-by-step activation of MySql databases

PhpMy management: Go to The phpMyAdmin interface

Remote MySQL: allows a remote IP address to remotely connect to the database.

PHP configuration: view the settings of the php. ini file.

Mime type: Similar to IIS in Windows, it allows other types of files such as flv and mid to be opened.

Common cPanel background (WHM) operations

Website activation: Main> Account Functions> Create a NewAccount

Modify the primary domain name and other parameters: Main> Account Functions> Modify anAccount

List the basic Information of all websites: Main> Account Information> ListAccounts. you can view the primary domain name, change the password (click +), modify the product type, and change the IP address.

Enable pause: Main> Account Functions> Suspend/Unsuspend an Account

Delete a website: Main> Account Functions> Terminate anAccount

Add a New IP address from the IDC to the server: Main> IP Functions> Add a New IPAddress

Display or delete the server's IP address: Main> IP Functions> Show or DeleteCurrent IP Addresses

Set Backup: Main> Backup> Configure Backup

Restart the server: Main> System Reboot> Graceful ServerReboot

Observe the websites with the largest CPU Usage: Main> Server Status> CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage

View hard disk usage: Main> Server Status> ServerInformation

View the current server load: click the number in the upper right corner. The number is the average load in 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes. generally, we recommend that you do not exceed 5.

List other bound domain names: Main> Account Information> List ParkedDomains

View websites with high traffic: Main> Account Information> ViewBandwidth Usage

Fix the Database: Main> SQL Services> Repair a Database

Display the current usage of Mysql: Main> SQL Services> Show MySQLProcesses

Total phpMyAdmin management: Main> SQL Services> phpMyAdmin

Install PHP components, Zend, Curl, and other components: Main> Software> EasyApache (Apache Update)

Restart the website server Apache: Main> Restart Services> HTTPServer (Apache)

Restart the MySQL Server: Main> Restart Services> SQL Server (MySQL)

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