Common methods of UIWebView

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WebView Navigation bar Type
Enum uiwebviewnavigationtype:int { case linkclicked case formsubmitted case backforward case Reload case formresubmitted case other }
// webview type of page enum Uiwebpaginationmode:int {        case  unpaginated    case  lefttoright      case toptobottom    case  bottomtotop    case RightToLeft}
enum Uiwebpaginationbreakingmode:int {        case  Page     case  Column}
classUiwebview:uiview, nscoding, Uiscrollviewdelegate, Nsobjectprotocol {unowned (unsafe) varDelegate: Uiwebviewdelegate?@availability (IOS, introduced=5.0) var Scrollview:uiscrollview {Get} func loadrequest (Request:nsurlrequest) func loadhtmlstring (string: string!, baseurl:nsurl!) func loaddata (Data:nsdata!, mimetype:string!, textencodingname:string!, baseurl:nsurl!) var request:nsurlrequest? {Get}//Overload func Reload ()
Stop loading func stoploading ()//back Func GoBack ()
Forward func GoForward ()//can back Var cangoback:bool {Get }
Can I forward var cangoforward:bool {Get }
Whether the load
Get  }
the interaction with JS
String? var Scalespagetofit:bool

@availability (IOS, introduced=3.0)

var datadetectortypes: uidatadetectortypes

@availability (IOS, introduced=4.0)

var allowsinlinemediaplayback: Bool //IPhone Safari defaults to NO. IPad Safari defaults to YES

@availability (IOS, introduced=4.0)

var mediaplaybackrequiresuseraction: Bool //IPhone and IPad Safari both default to YES

@availability (IOS, introduced=5.0)

var mediaplaybackallowsairplay: Bool //IPhone and IPad Safari both default to YES

@availability (IOS, introduced=6.0)

var suppressesincrementalrendering: Bool //IPhone and IPad Safari both default to NO

@availability (IOS, introduced=6.0)

var keyboarddisplayrequiresuseraction: Bool //default is YES

@availability (IOS, introduced=7.0)

var paginationmode: uiwebpaginationmode

@availability (IOS, introduced=7.0)

var paginationbreakingmode: uiwebpaginationbreakingmode

@availability (IOS, introduced=7.0)

var pagelength: cgfloat

@availability (IOS, introduced=7.0)

var gapbetweenpages: cgfloat

@availability (IOS, introduced=7.0)

var pagecount: Int {get}

protocol Uiwebviewdelegate:nsobjectprotocol {         , Bool    optional func webviewdidstartload ( Webview:uiwebview)    optional func webviewdidfinishload (webview:uiwebview)    optional func webView (WebView: UIWebView, Didfailloadwitherror error:nserror)}

Common methods of UIWebView

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