Common printer failures and their solutions

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1. Symptom: After issuing the printing command, the printer has no response, and the system prompts the printer whether it is online and the cable connection is normal.

Analysis and maintenance: This may be the end of the printer power cord plugged in, the print cable is not properly connected or bad contact, computer and mouth damage caused by. Press the printer switch first to see if the printer can be started. If you do not start (power light is not lit), first check the printer power cable and the power supply and the power jack after the correct connection. In the shutdown state to plug the power cord again, and switch to a power outlet to try to see if the problem can be solved. If you press the power switch, the printer can start normally, go into the CMOS settings to see if the port settings are set correctly. Generic printers use ECP mode, and some printers do not support ECP mode, which can be either "Ecp+epp" or "NORMAL". If the problem is not resolved, focus on checking the print cable. Turn off the computer first, unplug the print cable from the host's mouth and plug it back in, then unplug the other end of the print cable from the back of the printer and plug it back in. Note that the host must be turned off, do not live on the plug, or may damage the printer! If the problem is not resolved, try the root print cable. No more, that is the motherboard and the mouth has a problem.

2. Symptom: When you use a network printer, you cannot print or appear without a hint that you cannot find a network printer.

Analysis and maintenance: first check that the printer settings on the computer connected to the printer are correct, and that the printer is shared. Then check to see if the printer settings are correct on the computer that is using the network printer remotely. Note that the settings are correct but still unable to print this situation is often encountered, in general, we use network printers on the computer, the correct printer driver to reload again, the problem can be solved.

3. Symptom: The printer cannot detect the ink type or the printed character is ambiguous.

Analysis and maintenance: First cleaning the print head (many printer drivers provide a clean print head command, direct use of this command). If you don't use a printer for a long time, you need to clean it more times. If you are familiar with the removal and installation of ink cartridges, it is best to remove the cartridge, in close to the print head where the soft, absorbent strong paper wipe thousand net. If it is not resolved, it may be the printer driver has a problem, the printer corresponding to the printer driver reinstall again, generally can solve the problem.

4. Trouble phenomenon: Use word processing software to edit good files, in print preview arranged neatly, but printed out with the printer, the paper has some overlapping text.

Analysis and maintenance: This is generally due to improper editing settings, change the file "page properties" in the paper size, paper type, the number of words per line, and so on, most of the problems can be resolved.

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