Common Router Configuration Commands collection

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1, access to privileged mode, global configuration mode, interface configuration mode, virtual terminal configuration mode, RIP routing protocol configuration mode

Router > Enable


Router #

Router # Configure Terminal

Router (config) #

Router (config) # int F0/12

Router (config-if) #

Router (config) # line vty 0 15

Router (config-line) #

Router (config) # Router RIP

Router (Config-router) #

2. Configure Remote login Password

Router (config) # line vty 0 15

Router (config-line) # password 7 Isncgyx

3. Copy configuration file to tftp Server

Router # Write Network

4. Copy Running-config to TFTP Server

Router # copy Running-config tftp:

5, copy the configuration file in Bootflash to the TFTP Server

Router # Copy Bootflash:tftp:

6, from the TFTP Server copy configuration file to the router

Router # Copy Tftp:running-config

7, copy the configuration file on the TFTP Server to Bootflash

Router # Copy Tftp:bootflash:

8, configure the router's host name

Router (config) #hostname ROUTER-ISNC

9, configure the root user password

Router (config) # enable secret Isncgyx

10, set the system clock

Router # Calendar Set 11:30:00 October 2011

11, Save the configuration

Router # Write memory

Router # Write Network tftp

12, delete the configuration

Router # Write Erase

13, Basic Detection command (telnet, ping, trace)

Router > Telnet paris/

Router > Ping

Router > Trace

Router > Traceroute

14, see Flash, System clock, software and hardware version, router configuration, view the routing table, IP routing protocol details

Router > Show Flash

Router > SH Clock

Router > SH version

Router # SH Configuration

Router # SH IP route

Router # SH IP protocols

15. Configure Interface Description Information

Router (config-if) # description to-jiaying University

16. Configure interface Bandwidth

Router (config-if) # bandwidth 2500,000

17, configure the interface IP address

Router (config-if) # IP address

18, the opening and closing of the interface

Router (config-if) # shutdown/no shutdown

19. Do not act as ARP agent

Router (config-if) # Duplex ful

l# no IP directed-broadcast

# no IP proxy-arp

20. Configure Asynchronous Serial Interface

Router (config) # interface A1

Router (config-if) # IP unnumbered ethernet0

Router (CONFIG-IF) # Encapsulation PPP

Router (config-if) # async Default IP address

Router (config-if) # async Dynamic Routing

Router (config-if) # async Mode Interactive

Router (config-if) # no shutdown

Router (config-if) # exit

Router (config) # exit

Router (config) #

21. Configure High speed Synchronous serial interface

Router (config) # interface S1/1

Router (config-if) # description To-shenzhen

Router (config-if) # bandwidth 2048

Router (config-if) # IP address

Router (config-if) # encapsulation HDLC

Router (config-if) # no IP directed-broadcast

Router (config-if) # no IP proxy-arp

22. Configure POS Interface

Router (config) # interface pos3/0

Router (config-if) # Description to Tianjingdaxue

Router (config-if) # bandwidth 2500,000

Router (config-if) # IP address

Router (CONFIG-IF) # CRC 32

Router (config-if) # pos Framing SDH

Router (config-if) # no IP directed-broadcast

Router (config-if) # POS flag S1 S0 2

23, the Loopback interface configuration

Router (config) # int loopback 0

Router (config-if) # IP address

Router (config-if) # no IP route-cache

Router (config-if) # no IP mroute-cache

24. Configure Static routing

Router (config) # ip route (configuration of static routes)

25, into the RIP configuration mode

Router (config) # Router RIP

26. Set up the network address to participate in RIP protocol

Router (config-router) # network

27. Configure the passive interface of RIP

Router (config-router) # Passive-interface Ethernet 0

28, configure the RIP routing filter

Router (config) # access-list deny any

Router (config) # Router RIP

Router (config-router) # distribute-list in Ethernet0

29, configure the management distance RIP

Router (config-router) # Distance 50

30, configure the RIP neighbor router

Router (config-router) # neighbor

31. Configure a single IP address to participate in OSPF

Router (config) # Router OSPF 63

Router (config-router) # network area 0

32, network address participation in OSPF

Router (config-router) # network Area 0

33. Define subnet addresses to participate in OSPF

Router (config-router) # Area 0 Range

34, configure the passive interface (including routers and the configuration of the third tier switch)

Router (config-router) # passive-interface Ethernet 0

Router (config-router) # Passive-interface Vlan37

35. Configure Routing Filtering

Router (config) # access-list deny any

Router (config) # Router OSPF 63

Router (config-router) # Distribute-list in serial 0

36, configuration management distance

Router (config-router) # distance 10

37. Configure the cost value of OSPF to introduce external routes

Router (config-router) # Redistribute metric 100

38. Configure the default tag value when introducing external routes

Router (config-router) # Redistribute Tag 10

39. Configure the default external route type when importing external routes

Router (config-router) # Redistribute connected Metric-type 1 subnets

40, configure the name of the IP address pool

Router (config) # ip dhcp pool ttt/234

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