Common sawtooth causes and removal methods

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When we are working on pictures or making graphics, the edges of many of the shapes just made are smooth,

When it is slightly deformed or shrunk, the sawtooth appears. Because PS is a bitmap, it cannot be scaled as easily as a vector map. If Sawtooth is found, the following tutorial analyzes the cause and the problem with the sawtooth.

The sawtooth problem caused by the deformation of the Ctrl+t class

1-1 Reason: General options are not set properly (rarely)

Workaround: Open Menu [Edit]-[Preferences]-[General]. Make sure your image interpolation is set to two cubic cubes (for smooth gradients).

Of course you have special needs and it's OK to make sure that the meaning of the options is different (for example, pixel-style scaling is usually "near" to ensure it is not blurry).

Photoshop Tutorials

1-2 reasons: The Sawtooth and shape produced by rotation and shrinking

1-2-1 Solution: First rotate and then shrink, two steps away (split the ctrl+t into two times, the last one can reduce the distortion/rotation produced burr).

1-2-2 uses vector objects (such as a common text perspective variant, not [raster], but [convert to shape]). Vector objects in general deformation more fidelity, another significant advantage is to withstand repeated ctrl+t without problems.

1-2-3 How big the picture is, preferably not ctrl+t (especially for simple shapes). Similarly, can be less ctrl+t, do not repeatedly ctrl+t. Special taboo pull big and pull small, turn and turn to ~ ~ Combined with the first: if there is a narrowing, preferably two times deformation, the shape in place, the second narrowing.

1-3 reason: When rotating 90 degrees/180 degrees, if you use the midpoint positioning will be a rerun. Causes a blur or sawtooth to occur.

Solution: To maximize the original, preferably at 90 degrees (180 degrees) rotation with the corner point positioning (any corner point). This avoids the quality loss caused by the re-operation of pixels.

Double-fill the sawtooth problem of the selection multiple times

Reason: repeated padding (including painting, pull gradient, etc.) results in the original used for smoothing edge semitransparent pixels superimposed, more and more opaque to produce solid sawtooth.

To resolve: (first, place the areas that may need to be repeatedly populated in separate layers) categories:

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