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Application System
A system that transmits information in a way that can operate normally on an integrated wiring.
Cable refers to the information technology equipment connected to cables, optical cables and a variety of soft cables.
Integrated wiring
Integrated wiring is a information transmission channel composed of cable and related hardware, it can support a variety of application systems. The integrated wiring does not include a variety of terminal equipment and conversion devices in the application system.
Buildings, parks
An area consisting of one or more buildings. For example: schools, factories, airports, communities or military bases.
Building trunk cable, optical cable
The cable and cable connecting the building wiring frame with the floor wiring frame in the building. This cable and cable can also be used to directly connect the two floor distribution racks in the same building.
Complex trunk cable, optical cable
In the complex, connecting the architectural complex wiring racks and building wiring racks of cables, optical cables. This cable and cable can also be used to directly connect the building wiring racks between different buildings.
Horizontal cable, Horizontal optical Cable
Cable and cable connecting the floor distribution frame and the information outlet.
Equipment cables, optical cables, flexible cords
Connect the terminal equipment of the application system to the cable and cable components of the wiring frame.
Working area cable, cable, Cord
In the work area, connect the terminal equipment to the cable and cable components of the information outlet. The work area cable, the work area optical cable is generally called the soft cable or the jump wiring.
Cable unit, optical cable unit
Combinations of cable pairs or optical fibres of the same type and category, the cable unit may be provided with a shielding layer.
Non-shielded twisted-pair cables and twisted-pair cables
A cable consisting of non shielded line pairs (for short, unshielded cables). When there is a total shield, it is called a unshielded cable with a total shield.
Shielded twisted pair cable and twisted cable
Cable consisting of shielded line pairs (for short, shielded cable). A shielded twisted-pair cable called a live total shield when there is a total shield.
Hybrid cable, optical cable
Two or more different types or different types of cables, cable units of the components of the package, outside a total sheath. The sheath can also have a total shield. Among them, only by the cable unit is called integrated cable, only by the cable unit is called Integrated optical cable, composed of cable unit components and cable unit components are called hybrid cables.
Jumper cable or cable unit without connector, used in wiring racks to transfer a variety of links.
Plug Line
A flexible cable or soft cable with connectors at one end or at both ends. Connect a variety of links on the wiring racks, and the connector line can also be used in the workspace.
Wiring Frame
A junction device connected to a link using a connecting line that can be conveniently changed or disconnected through the wiring plate.
A non-permanent connection to a cable, cable, or device using a connector or jumper.
A connection that connects a cable or cable directly to another cable or cable or device without a wire or jumper.
Wiring Frame
A device for termination and connection of cables or optical cables. Interconnection or handover operations can be performed on the wiring racks.
Wiring frame of building complex
Connecting device of cable and optical cable of the terminal building complex.
Building Wiring Frame
Terminal building trunk cable, trunk cable and can connect the complex trunk cable, trunk cable Connection device.
Floor Distribution Frame
A device that is connected to a horizontal cable, a horizontal cable, and other wiring subsystems or devices.
A transmission channel with specified performance between the two interfaces of the integrated wiring. The link does not include terminal equipment, work area cables, work area cable and equipment cables, equipment cable.
Connect two application devices for end-to-end information transfer path. A physical channel can be divided into several logical channels. The channel includes the device connection cable and the work Area connector line for the application system.
Information outlets, extraction terminals
Integrated wiring in each working area of the interface, and horizontal cable or horizontal cable connection. The terminal equipment of the workspace is connected to the interface by a connector line.
Introduction of equipment
The communication cable or communication light is introduced into the related equipment of the building according to the relevant regulations.
Public network interface
The dividing point between a public network and a private network. In most cases, the public network interface is the connection point between the public network device and the integrated wiring.
Wiring room, handover room, telecommunication room
A dedicated space for placing wiring racks, application equipment and cabling and management. The trunk subsystem and the horizontal subsystem are transferred here.
Equipment room
To place telecommunications equipment, application equipment and wiring racks and to carry out integrated cabling and management space.
Work area
Place where the application system terminal equipment is placed. General cabling is generally referred to as a 10m2 area.
Turn Contact
In horizontal wiring, different types or specifications of cables, optical cables connected to the point (for example: flat cable and circular cable or different logarithm of the wire connection point).
A device that sends and receives information through a channel or link, which works online.
The representation and description of the moving state of objective things. It is a function of a symbol, a sequence (such as a letter, a number), or a connection time (such as an image) of an object's movement state.
Management point
Manages the arrangement of various cross connections, direct connections, or information outlets for a channel.
The device uses different sizes or different types of plugs to match the information, provides a rearrangement of the leads, allows multiple cables to be divided into smaller strands, and interconnects the cables.
Balance, non-balanced converters
A device that converts electrical signals from flat or unbalanced to balanced. Impedance matching between twisted pair cables and coaxial cable is available.
Bending radius
A curved radius in which an optical fiber bends without breaking or causing excessive additional loss.
Cable Husband
A device for sliding at the end of a cable that is connected to a winch or handle and helps to pull the cable when it is installed.
Connection block, wiring block
The hardware of the twisted pair cable can connect the link with the jump or the connecting line.
Refractive index Gradient Fiber
A fiber that lowers the refractive index along the axial direction. Photons are reflected in the core, and the light is constantly focused, allowing the cable to bend inward and faster than the transmission in the lower-coefficient area. This fiber can increase bandwidth.
Wiring tension
When the cable is installed, the size of the relay acting on it is measured with n (Newton).
Support Hardware
Brackets, clamps, cabinets, brackets, tripod, tools, and other stationary transmission media will connect the hardware to the wall or ceiling.
End-up block
In all types of cable transmission channel configuration, for the end of the cable pair and in the 110-type wiring frame connecting line of molded plastic plate.
The transmission medium, generally refers to the link path. A link to the network in the SNA environment.
Circuit, line
A power path consisting of a energized conductor; a communication link between any two or more points in the application system.
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