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In the last six months, I have been reading a book called "Linux should learn" Linux textbooks, really let me progress quickly, but also slowly let the Linux system into my knowledge, so before learning we compare the Windows and Linux different, Then give the novice friends a little bit of advice about learning Linux. Windows operating system is a Microsoft company developed by the United States windowing operating system, the use of GUI graphical operation mode, compared to the previous instruction operating system such as DOS more humane. The Windows operating system is currently the world's most widely used operating system, but in the Enterprise Service application is the Linux system more professional and famous, may hear the Linux operating system is unfamiliar, the Android operating system (Android) is based on the Linux platform open-source mobile phone operating system, In the PC desktop operating system there are Ubuntu, CentOS, fedora, etc. are based on Linux. This "all-earth human operating system", with its free, safe, stable and other advantages to get people's wide acclaim, I will not from a number of sensitive or controversial views on the two excellent operating systems, such as security, performance and so on. Some people say: "Linux is widely used, but there are a lot of things windows can do to deal with the Linux implementation." "In fact, Windows can do what Linux does not, and that is what Linux does not need to implement (perhaps only temporarily)." Some of the features under Windows are really what we need, but developers and users of Linux need it, and they're going to do it, and it's much better than the way Windows does. For Windows users, they don't know what they want, they don't understand what they're doing, and they're not going to be responsible for their actions. For Linux users, they know what they want, what they are doing, and they are responsible for their actions. In terms of usage, Windows users are more inclined to use the graphical interface (GUI) for related operations, using the mouse and interface to interact with the visual user graphical interface. and Linux users more through the keyboard and character interface, with the help of rich and powerful command line to the system responds very well, it is obvious that the use of Linux learning cost is much higher than Windows. Application support, Windows has rich application support, and Linux is not weak, but for the graphical application tools, the number of Linux is far less than Windows. But on the contrary, Linux management tools are endless, development and production support of the underlying components richer and more stable (such as our daily visit of the site backstage, the vast majority of running in the installation of Linux serviceOn the service). In short, Linux applications are more prepared for developers and production environments, while Windows is more likely to meet its large family users. After reading the above two contests, we have some ideas about the application scenarios. For the application scenario, Linux is favored by developers, because the Linux system is stable, secure, and powerful, and is ideal for use as a development environment or as a real production environment. Instead, Windows focuses on desktop operating systems and is suitable for most computer users, providing rich software services and a simple way to operate. In fact, Linux has been trying to make changes for many home users, just desktop environment Linux has gnome, unity and other styles, while Windows Server has been chasing the pace of Linux, for now, Windows Server is also becoming more perfect. In terms of system personalization, open source Linux systems are more receptive to customization. Linux has many distributions (such as Debian, redhat, etc.), and each distribution team maintains Linux and updates the software, and more than one Linux distribution faction. Because Windows is closed-source and only supported and maintained by Microsoft, there is a slight lack of personalization, but every release of Windows is a step in the way of the Times, and of course WINDOWS10 can only be said to be benevolent see. All in all, both Windows and Linux are working to drive the computer's operating system, and despite the different features and scenarios, you'll have to think about your needs when you're faced with an awkward scenario of choosing an operating system in the real world. In fact, these two great operating systems are worth trying, the use of Windows may have become our daily behavior, but we should summon up the courage to try Linux this open-source operating system, learn Linux with us! For Linux learning, the personal advice is Linux basic book reading + Linux practical operation + encounter problems through search engines and communities to find solutions. Books can be referred to the "Linux should learn" This is a very hot and highly praised Linux books, can come to free online reading: Chapter-00.html and the book's knowledge of the system is the latest RHEL7, can be said to be with the times, is very suitable for QuickStart Linux, there are no lack of real application scenarios. Linux real-world, for beginners, you can consider installing desktop version of Linux, such as Ubuntu, to understand and practice the knowledge point of entry, and then install the server version of Linux more appropriate. Search engine words, the more recommended is to use GOogle, how to access Google, most of the solution is still dependent on the Linux environment of open source software.

Which is better compared to Linux and Windows systems

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