Comparison Between China Merchants Bank and email savings

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The bank called China Merchants Bank yesterday and requested to change the mobile phone number of the Professional Edition of individual users. Due to the poor memory of some information, the change was not successful. In addition, the change cannot be made through the telephone bank and can only be handled at the counter.

Another task recently is to send money to my mom using a postal card.

So today we have integrated two things together. It's not easy to find a place in Shenzhen where China Merchants Bank and postal savings are relatively close, after selection, the two branches of the Science Park will be selected.

The first step is to run the Zhaoxing Science Park. As soon as you enter, someone will take the lead in handling the formalities. The service staff will also be very polite and will soon finish the work, as a result, he specially added the "Fast and easy financial management" business.

After that, I went to the postmaster. As soon as I arrived, I was frightened. It was full of people. The queuing team turned around and turned around for a half discount. After finding a remittance order in the group, I waited in the queue. After careful observation, we found that there were four windows open to the public, while there were several windows with salesclerks idle, and a security guard was organizing order and providing guidance, eight queuing people send money or take a remittance order to get the money. After 40 minutes of queuing, I finally successfully sent the money.

Compare the gaps between the two rows:

CMB is mainly intended for urban users and continuously improves service quality while also expanding service methods (for example, a wide range of ATM, telephone banking, and online banking functions are very powerful ), in this way, customers can avoid wasting time on their own and gain user approval. In addition, they can reduce their own expenses.

The postal savings are different, and they need to meet users across the country. Their business offices are all over the country. I think this is why so many people use postal savings to remit or collect money, in fact, the first bank account I opened is post. However, as a State-owned enterprise, there is indeed no such thing as an improvement in service quality, and the information system is enough to satisfy the hope of most people.

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