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Interactive Encyclopedia, although as one of the larger Wikipedia web site, but its status has been more embarrassing, because the interactive Encyclopedia of the title, although the "domestic largest encyclopedia", can this largest must be excluding Baidu encyclopedia.

Interactive encyclopedia, compared to Baidu Encyclopedia, the disadvantage is still a lot of, its main embodiment in several aspects:

1. congenitally deficient. Baidu Encyclopedia as one of Baidu's products, brand, domain name advantages exist obvious advantages, on the Baidu platform, Baidu's own products are undoubtedly in the rankings of greater advantage. Baidu Encyclopedia entry rankings are basically able to enter the top three, but the interactive encyclopedia ranking is not a trace.

2. said the encyclopedia entry editors are more than webmaster or promotion staff, after all, there is no reason to edit the entry, only the promotion and webmaster to promote their products or do the site outside the chain, so as to participate in the encyclopedia editor. At this point, Baidu Encyclopedia is undoubtedly more favored, and interactive encyclopedia is less than the need to:

From the outgoing chain, Baidu Encyclopedia of the chain weight is very good, and with the development of the network, a variety of SEO knowledge of the popularization, we also found that the so-called interactive encyclopedia outside the chain is a pit dad's outside the chain, said the harsh point, is deceptive, so interactive encyclopedia can only cheat the first to cheat the friends, This is the interactive encyclopedia in the minds of the webmaster image is greatly unfavourable, to the webmaster for the site is not sticky.

From the website promotion, the Interactive encyclopedia can not get good rankings in Baidu, even if in the interactive encyclopedia how to do the promotion, the rankings can not be promoted advertising advertise, the promotion of poor results. and Baidu encyclopedia different, keyword top three ranking will let your promotion effect greatly increase.

3. Poor user experience. We all know that Baidu Encyclopedia audit is very strict, the content of the editorial requirements are strict, which also led to Baidu Encyclopedia of Fairness, justice and content of authority, more easily favored by users and trust. And the interactive encyclopedia is different, because the interactive encyclopedia of the outside chain is useless, do not worry because the increase in export links to reduce the weight of the site, and interactive encyclopedia in order to increase the popularity of the site, so in the interactive encyclopedia on the link is extremely easy, the audit is very low, for the editorial content is also "accommodating hundred Rivers", garbage content, duplicate content, Irrigation content, advertising content, etc. are all flooded in the interactive encyclopedia content, this undoubtedly reduces the authority of the Interactive encyclopedia entry, not like Baidu Encyclopedia by the user's trust, the user experience degree greatly reduced.

I think: interactive Encyclopedia of the sacrifice of the content in exchange for the site's popularity, attract more people to edit the terms, resulting in the interactive encyclopedia user experience decline is the most unwise, is quench thirst behavior. Throughout the domestic Baidu Encyclopedia, International Wikipedia, is undoubtedly not the content to win, and interactive Encyclopedia of behavior is only conducive to short-term, the follow-up development of the site is extremely unfavorable. Article first A5, article source Oolong tea, reprint please specify!

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