Comparison of automated test tools selenium and QTP

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First, user simulation: SeleniumIn the background of the browser, it performs operations by modifying the DOM (Document Object model) of the HTML, which is actually controlled by JavaScript. The window can be minimized at execution time and can be executed on the same machine with multiple TestQTPFull emulation of the end user, exclusive screen, can only open an exclusive instance.  Testcomplete and QTP are similar. Second, UI component support: Selenium support the main components, but some events, methods and object properties support is not enough, QTP provides good support, through the charging plug-in, provides a DotNetSupport for components. Third, the management and storage of UI objects: QTP has built-in good support.  Selenium can be managed by user extension ui-element, but to write dead in code, unlike QTP, you can automatically record additions.  Four, dialog support: QTP support various IE dialog box, selenium is only partially supported, such as getting the title of the dialog box and other features are not supported. V. File upload: Selenium due to JavaScript limitations are not supported.  QTP provides a good support. Six, browser support. QTP supports IE and Firefox.  Selenium supports IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera, both of which do not have full cross-browser support, and the code needs to be modified on different browsers. Vii. object recognition parameters, based on WYSIWYG recognition: WYSWYG (what are you see are what get), selenium not supported. QTP provides a good support.  This is basically the same as the 1th. Viii. object-oriented language and extensibility support (integration with external tools and libraries): QTP not supported. Selenium provides a good support. Selenium supports Python, JavaC#. Nine, with test management AH tool integration: QTP and can be HP quality Center and testdirector integration.  Selenium does not support the Web at this stage.  X. Supported application types: QTP support (DOTNET,VB, Powerbuilder, TCL/TK), selenium support for the web. XI. supported operating systems/platforms: Selenium supports Python,java, so it can be cross-platform. QTP only Supports Windows。  12, Script creation difficulty easy: QTP is quite easy, selenium to be difficult, but also can.  13, technical support: QTP to be a little more good.  14, Cost: QTP is probably the low season 5000 dollars, selenium free.  XV, test development environment: selenium richer.  16, development process integration: QTP does not support, selenium can easily use cruise tools and so on. 17, Summary: Above selenium 1.* and QTP comparison. Selenium is in rapid development, the integration of the Webdriver Selenium 2.0 official version will be launched in 2011, then will be resolved to upload files and many other shortcomings. Selenium is expected to be a 5-year Web TestThe supremacy of the market, QTP, because of its availability and good support, will continue to exist.

Comparison of automated test tools selenium and QTP

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