Comparison of C++builder and VC

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Comparison of C++builder and VC

In fact, a long time ago I wanted to write this article, the reason on the one hand is because I deeply feel that C + + Builder is indeed an advanced and powerful programming tools, but more importantly, I am convinced that C + + Builder can bring huge commercial benefits and productivity of the company greatly improved, I can pretend not to see these points, but based on conscience and responsibility I can't take a moment to share my views and thoughts with you.
C + + Builder's predecessor is Borland C++,borland C + + used by the application framework is owl, and owl in the object-oriented perspective, it is indeed much more advanced than MFC (this in the academic community early conclusions), But in the market is not applauded, until Imprise (formerly Borland) to the VCL application framework of Delphi, this is only a cannon and red.

Although Delphi's VCL is very powerful and useful, but Delphi uses oopascal syntax, and C + +, until later, Imprise introduced C + + as the programming language of C + + Builder, and its use of application The framework is the famous VCL.

The full name of VCL is the "visual Component Library", a new generation of the application Framework, in the direction of component and visual design. The rise of VCL, which originated in both Owl and MFC, is increasingly large and obese, and is not conducive to the growing trend of programming, and the Imprise design team has decided to develop a more object-oriented application Framework that enables programmers to visualize ideas, The concept of component reuse to quickly design a variety of applications, the power and essence of object-oriented to play the most vividly, in contrast, Owl and MFC are only obsolete and Antimeron application Framework.

Sure enough, after the launch of ~c++ Builder, in Microsoft's army foe and people watermelon by the big side of the mentality, still caused a whirlwind, in the news many programmers said their C + + Builder affirmation and reward, more people point out, according to experience, in the Microsoft Market Advantage, Delphi and C + + Builder are still thriving, which means that Delphi and C + + Builder's product level is not just a few percentage points to win Microsoft products, but dozens of to hundreds of percentage points, otherwise Imprise's products have long been lost.

What are the features and benefits of C + + Builder? What are the pros and cons of our company? My views and analysis are as follows. Let's think about what the most painful thing is when we use Visual C + + to develop programs. That's the GUI design. Based on experience, when we develop a software set using Visual C + +, the time spent on designing a GUI takes up almost one-third to One-second of the program development cycle, whereas design-and-interface-agnostic core programs typically account for less than One-second to Two-thirds of the time, but use C + + Builder can greatly simplify this problem. C + + Builder VCL provides a large variety of GUI software components, allowing us to focus most of our effort on the design of the core code without having to wrestle with the Windows system's message and interface.

C + + Builder's compiler is functionally the same as Visual C + +, Win32 API can be called and used (VCL is the architecture on the Win32 API, there is no incompatibility problem, but the packaging is more sophisticated, also very flexible), You don't have to worry about what Visual C + + can do and what C + + Builder can't do, and then refuse to use C + + Builder, and hold on to the idea that it's like being healthy without taking a car, but insisting on riding a bike from fresh water to work unworthy, Many highly experienced programmers on the web will tell you that this is a lot of worry. There has been a parable of the very vivid, if Visual C + + is a hand-parked car, then C + + Builder is hand-held car (see Mitsubishi's Sportsmode hand-held car? )。

C + + Builder's program design details are clear and transparent, in addition to the application framework operation of the Mystery (MFC is also), all the code and file-related files can be mastered and viewed, unlike some development tools, Programmers are not able to master many things, and C + + Builder generated by the code size and the resulting time and Visual C + + are both peer (I mean the outcome of the gap is not big, to mention that C + + Builder 3.0 uses a technology, Can make the second time after the compiling speed up to five times times more, I can confirm this point).

My point is that our company is well-suited to using C++builder as a programming tool, except for the compatibility considerations and the special requirements of the parent company. Converting from Visual C + + to C + + Builder is not a very serious and painful thing, but will feel very happy, it is like a car to train people to learn from the car, and even more grasp the power of C + + Builder.

Using C + + Builder to develop the program, we can quickly generate the GUI layout and the prototype, in the subsequent adjustment of the program Interface adjustment cycle is also very convenient, I personally think at least can save three to five times times more than Visual C + + time.

In addition to some special requirements of the project (such as version upgrade, and the original version is VC development, or reference to rewrite the code is written in VC, in fact, C + + Builder can support MFC), I do not see what the size of the project or the content of the company is not to rely on Visual C + +, It is also a violation of the goal of "Build a high performance company" to find a crime, and to put a lot of resources into the backward tools, the program productivity can not be dramatically improved. Therefore, I suggest that the company should be a large and comprehensive encouragement of staff to use and familiar with C + + Builder become the front-line programming tools, according to my humble opinion, such investment not only fast recovery, and the effect is huge.

In short, C + + Builder combines the power of the C + + programming language with the convenience of Visual Basic's visual programming environment for RAPID development tool, which is the decision of the indigenous steelmaking or its prerequisite.


Comparison of C++builder and VC

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