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The most popular service tools to build websites are Apache and IIS. So which performance is better between them? What is the best tool for us? I have also done some research on this issue recently.

If it's based on a Linux platform, it's not necessarily Apache, because IIS can only run in Windows, and Linux+apache's overall performance, security, and versatility are stronger than Windows 2003+iis 6.0, but what's the best performance for IIS 6.0 and Apache 2.2.6 on Windows 2003 servers?

I did a test to install IIS and Apache on different models of Windows 2003 servers, comparing the performance of the two, the most basic comparison being static HTML page reads, and in my tests I found that IIS 6 and Apache under Windows 2003 2.2.6 is basically the same in the processing performance of static HTML files.

Test environment: Three different servers, CPU is P4 2.8E Hyper-threading, Core 2 E6300, Xeon 5110, software installed IIS6 and Apache 2.2.6. Three servers have a 40K HTML document, I use was (Web Application Stress Tool), 100 threads to test the throughput of the three servers, the ability to process threads per second (Requests each Second), and the test time of 1 minutes.

For P4 2.8E and E6300, the number of clicks on both IIS and Apache is basically 250, and the number of responses per second is approximately 4.17. This demonstrates the ability to handle static HTML files, which are essentially the same for IIS and Apache under Windows platforms.

The Intel Xeon 5110 test data is very different, the number of clicks under IIS reached 1838, The number of processing responses per second reached 30.63, almost 7 times times higher than the first two servers, indicating that even the entry-level Cpu,intel Xeon servers have far more performance than ordinary Pentium servers in the same software environment.

As a result, if most pages of a Web site are static pages and are assumed to be on a Windows 2003 server, IIS and Apache are essentially the same, and to improve the overall throughput of the site, you need to upgrade the server hardware.

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