Comparison of several methods for acquiring outer chain of new station

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1. Own or friend website one-way connection operation: Easy effect: good

It is often said that keyword ranking is the resources, if you have the right to the higher the site can be a one-way connection to the new station, webmaster friends More, ask friends to help hang a text connection, this effect is best. Of course, the premise is that you have other stations or a group of better webmaster friends; Implementation of the recommendations: more than one station or not recommended, or more to go like it teahouse such webmaster BBS more to make some webmaster friends. But the premise is not to find a connection and find webmaster friends, friends should be mutual help.

2. Friendship Link Exchange operation: Medium effect: good

The big website even has the specialized Exchange connection personnel, visible its importance and the effect. But for the new station in the operation will have a certain degree of difficulty, because is the connection exchange, most need the same level, if you do not PR no flow is difficult to find high-quality connection, can only slowly. Implementation of the recommendations: the initial stage of the new station do not rush to change the connection, for several by the new station Baidu will be able to connect their own web site through a friend after the first PR update has a 2, or 3, the flow has a certain basis for Exchange will be better;

3. The net picks, DIG, the forum signature and so on Operation: Easy effect: in

The forum signature is more typical is the outdated signature, unexpectedly also can sell money, to include very effective. NET pick and dig although not before so fire, but some can be directly linked to the Web site, mainly this operation is easier, is more tired. More suitable for personal webmaster; Implementation of recommendations: Find a few big is not reversed the net pick and dig, forum choose that kind of post generated static page, signed without jump, do not send too much to avoid being sealed account, I have to delete a few such accounts every day.

4. Soft text operation: Difficult effect: good

Soft text effect is the best, that can increase the chain can also promote the site, but not very good at the text of the individual stationmaster to operate some difficult, need to carefully organize the text, good article can have the transmission effect. Have seen some webmaster in a completely unrelated articles to join, this does not have any communication effect, can only create their own blog published, the effect is very general. Implementation recommendations: In several large websites and forums to register column account, the content of the article must look at the user's feelings, in several large web sites after the release if the content will be naturally spread, they can be manually reproduced to some forums, such as it teahouse forum posts are can be exported connections.

5. Human Flesh Message Forum mass operation: Easy effect: in

This should be most of the webmaster will be used, do a good job will collect a large number of High-quality blog and message connection without adding nofollow, every day received a message plus connection. Forum is also so, more tired, but the effect can also be. Implementation of recommendations: Message and top-posted content to be related to the theme so that will not be deleted, not too greedy, add a connection can be.

6. Add dmoz, Web site and other directory operations: Difficult effect: good

DMOZ and Web site collection are very difficult, especially like hao123 such a large web site, don't think about it, you can find some smaller sites to apply for income, to do this will be the first site to do a good job, the implementation of recommendations: the site can be built after the first attempt to submit, and then slowly modify the site, after a period of submission. Once included in the effect is very obvious 7. Purchase Text connection operation: Difficult effect: Medium

The reason why the operation as difficult, because of the need to spend money, personal webmaster at the beginning there is no money, so this one method should be used with caution. Because now some Stationmaster specializes in selling the connection to make money, so its PR high page because of many unrelated export chain makes the effect is general. Implementation of the recommendations: Do not look at the PR job buy, to see how much he sold the connection, sold 10 connected PR4 page, as a Buy 3 links PR3 page, at the same time to see his website update frequency, and content quality, independent of a high PR page and not update the effect will be very poor;

8. Mass software operation: difficult effect: in

The reason for this also included, because at present he still has certain effects, such as the current popular blog group Building, message Mass, citing mass and so on, his effect is entirely to the large number of connections. But most of the free or cracked version of the basic is not good to use, so like to use the money to buy. And that kind of 50 yuan, 100 yuan software is mostly to take other people to develop software to crack, also not very easy to use, genuine are more expensive, so listed as more difficult to operate. Implementation of the recommendations: given the current internet environment, so I do not object to mass, just Goodfellas. Mass also should pay attention to quantity and quality, weekly mass once tens of thousands of is enough, the same webmaster, they will encounter similar things, I want to delete the website operation blog Some spam messages every day. Summary of the above 8 kinds of, welcome you to add guidance.

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