Comparison of Two flash chart controls: anychart and fusioncharts

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Flash charts are favored by users for their dynamic and interactive visual experience. This article compares fusioncharts and anychart, two commonly used flash chart controls.


Fusioncharts is a cross-platform and cross-browser flash chart component. Fusioncharts is compatible with all web technologies, such as ASP, ASP. NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, JavaScript, and even simple HTML pages. It can be connected to all the databases (ms SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) and web services to enable real-time chart functionality. In China, when we talk about flash chart tools, the first thing that comes to mind is fusioncharts. > Fusioncharts Free Download


  • Based on JavaScript and flash-- Select appropriate technologies based on different media or use them together. For example, charts displayed on Android 2.2 in hybrid mode are now widely used.
  • Support for flash/JavaScript-based 3D charts-- Supports XML and JSON (lightweight data exchange format based on JavaScript) data.
  • Provide server-side APIs-- Provides server-side interfaces for Multiple Programming Languages (Asp, ASP. NET, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and ColdFusion) without the need to write JavaScript code.
  • Supports various chart types-- Web & enterprise applications support more than 90 chart types and 550 maps. js supports various real-time charts, maps, editable charts, and meters.
  • Supports thousands of data points-- The zoom line chart supports thousands of data points without affecting performance.
  • Drill Down-- You can create unlimited drill-down charts in just a few minutes using mongocharts. Different chart types and data can be displayed at each level. To achieve this, you do not need to write any additional code.


Like fusioncharts, anychart, a chart control based on Flash/JavaScript (HTML5), is also cross-browser and cross-platform. Anychart charts are widely used in dashboard creation, reporting, statistics, and Finance.> Anychart Free Download


  • A large number of chart types-- More than 60 basic chart types are being updated and added.
  • Save the chart as an image directly-- Right-click the chart and select Save As image to save it as an image. It can also automatically generate reports on the server side. anychart is the first control that supports this function.
  • Multi-axis-- Anychart can display multiple scales when processing data. You can use different scales to compare different series or display different scales for the same data.
  • Supported date/time scales-- Fully custom data input (any date/time data format, including UNIX time tags ). This feature enables you to use advanced formatting for axes, data labels, and tooltip.
  • Interactive dashboard-- Using the anychart dashboard function, you can easily create an interactive dashboard.
  • Supports Vector Fonts-- Supports any language, full angle rotation, and any other fonts you want.


Both fusioncharts and anychart are cross-platform and cross-browser flash chart components. They support a wide range of chart types and support HTML5. Both of them are easy to use. Interactive interfaces are comparable to visual interfaces. These two controls have many functional similarities. For example, they can be directly saved as images or PDF, both support inverted coordinate axes and log scales. In addition, both fusioncharts and anychart provide detailed documentation and code examples. fusioncharts also supports open-source commercial demos in multiple languages, which is richer than anychart. But for programmers who want to get started quickly, the documents of these two controls are enough to meet development requirements.


  • Fusioncharts is specially designedDrupal, joomla, GWT, Sharepoint, CakePHP, PythonAnd other platforms developed plug-ins, users can easily integrate charts into these platforms.
  • Fusioncharts supportScroll and zoom(The new version of the rolling chart hasSupport Touch ScreenAnychart does not support this type of chart.
  • Fusioncharts belongsLightweight, high-performanceThe Chart Tool transfers traditional server graphics output to client rendering to reduce server load. All images of anychart are generated on the client. You only need to install flash player on the client.
  • Other features of fusioncharts, such as dynamically switching chart types, using Ajax technology to dynamically switch Chart display types without refreshing the page, which is convenient and practical; automatically updating charts, apply to stocks, manufacturing, and network monitoring. Add background images to add a unique background for your chart. The debugging mode is unique and is like an alarm, when an exception occurs in the chart, fault identification is quickly started.
  • Anychart also has its advantages.XML interface driverCustomize charts without modifying any flash data sources. Easy to use. You can manually create an XML file or directly use the script editor or wizard tool included in anychart of any version.


In general, the two flash chart controls are comparable in the richness of chart types and style aesthetics, but fusioncharts is more functional than anychart, and fusioncharts provides source code, anychart does not provide source code, but the relative price of fusioncharts is higher, which is very suitable for large commercial enterprises. For enterprises pursuing excellence, fusioncharts is a good choice. The two controls have rich authorization types, including enterprise, Intranet, website, and other authorization versions. You can select an appropriate authorization method based on your needs.

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