Comparison of warm and cold in late PS and the effect of background softening

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Original artwork and contrast chart

In the early filming, because of the time unfortunately, the autumn of the Xindu Bridge has passed. And the model's skirt color is cold color, in order to restore the color of autumn, so in the later processing strengthened the contrast, and then use dark angle to highlight the subject and deep atmosphere. Finally used the soft filter, is to better the scene feeling, the model's temperament highlights out.


Completion diagram

2. Processing raw files in ACR

When you import ACR, make a simple adjustment to some of the palette values first.

Then to the next few pages of the numerical adjustment, as shown in the following figure.

With the gradient filter, the long line is pulled from bottom to top, plus color temperature, minus exposure, plus contrast. Short lines are pulled from top to bottom, subtractive temperature, minus exposure, plus contrast.

3, import PS Open Filter import PS, ready to use alien skin Exposure4 This filter to strengthen the hue.

I often use one of the Agfa RSX II 100-blur & Dust Filters, and the right side is a number of adjustments, because the yellow is already very sufficient to reduce the default value of yellow.

Highlights and dark parts do not need to be adjusted, so the light and dark parts are basically leveled.

4, the beginning of the production of soft effect

To do a lower degree of softening effect, to create a keynote.

Because afterwards also want to do a strengthened softening effect, so in this step processing, while adjusting side attention to observe the bright part.

Notice to turn off the default scratch on the effect.

5. Final adjustment in late stage

have done a low degree of softening before, and then do an enhanced softening, will strengthen the soft layer on top, build a mask, wipe out the skin, wipe the exposed place.

The last is to add personal logo, the network era, watermark can not be less.

Final finished product:

    • PS Palette Tutorial
    • PS Post-processing tutorial
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