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We offer a set of build scripts to automate the rebuilding of our components from source code for those who have the dxperience enterprise or universal installed. the scripts (DOS batch files) are in the attached archives. please refer toReadme.txtDocument inside the archive for instructions. We still advise that you fully read this article to better understand the dependencies between our assemblies and the manual rebuild process.

Let's consider rebuilding the xtragrid for example.
To compile and install the xtragrid libraries you shoshould generate a strong key file, build libraries in a particle order registering every library prior to building the next one and finally update toolbox icons in your Visual Studio.

The component source files are installed in\ Program Files \ devexpress x \ Components \ sources \Directory by default where X is the dxperience version, e. g 2009.1, 2009.2, etc.

Before you start compiling the libraries you shoshould Delete the original devexpress DLLs. They are located in your\ Program Files \ devexpress x \ Components \ sources \ devexpress. dllFolder. Next, you shoshould Delete All devexpress. * entries in the Assembly Cache (C: \ windows \ assemblyHidden Folder ).

Assemblies must be signed with a strong key in order to be registered in the Assembly cache. we don't distribute our strongkey. SNK file-it's our signature. you will need to create a strong key yourself. please reviewSources \ devexpress. Key \ readme.txtDocument for basic instructions. You can learn more about strong keys from the msdn library.

Let's assume that it's needed to rebuild the xtragrid. The compilation order must be as follows:
Devexpress. Data *
Devexpress. utils *
Devexpress. xtraeditors **
Devexpress. xtranavbar ***
Devexpress. xtraeditors. Design
Devexpress. xtralayout ***
Devexpress. xtragrid
Devexpress. xtragrid. Design
* Please do not rebuild devexpress. data and devexpress. utils, if you don't have the devexpress. xtranavbar source. the xtranavbar depends on these assemblies and you won't be able to use the former if the latter are rebuilt.
** Do not rebuild devexpress. xtraeditors, if you don't have the devexpress. xtralayout source. The xtralayout depends on this Assembly and it won't work, if the xtraeditors is rebuilt.
* ** The source of the devexpress. xtranavbar and devexpress. xtralayout assemblies is not supported in the xtragrid suite, but it's shipped with the xtranavbar and xtralayout control products sold separately. the xtranavbar is used in the xtragrid's designer (the devexpress. xtragrid. design assembly ). the xtralayout is used for one of the xtragrid's views, namely the layoutview.

You can use the Microsoft. NET Framework configuration console to register the assemblies in the Assembly Cache. Another way is to use Windows Explorer and drag-and-drop the DLLs fromSources \ devexpress. dllDirectory toC: \ windows \ assemblyHidden Folder.

Finally, it is necessary to update toolbox icons. Please launchToolboxcreatorTool fromStart | programs | developer express X | components | toolsMenu.

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Download Links for compiling scripts of different versions
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