Compile the second experiment

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Task 1:

(1)Use the e command to modify ~ 0021: F Data


(2) Use the command to enter the command


(3) single-step debugging with each t command

(4) result of instruction execution in the book



Task 2:

(1) run the command entered by command a to modify the value from ~ 2000: F value


(2) One-Step debugging command and content in-2000: F

Initialize the stack and set it ~ 2000: 000f is the stack space and the top of the initialization Stack

Stack base address: 2000:0010; stack top address: 2000:0010

Analysis changes: the stack content changes after each statement call. It is assumed that some data is stored in the stack during each call.

LExperiment Summary

 This experiment demonstrates how to use DEBUG and debug assembly commands, as well as the storage of Multi-byte data in the memory. Push and pop correspond to the function stack memory space of the stack and the function stack of the stack respectively. CS: IP points are treated as code, and the use of commands such as mov, add, and sub is also learned. MoV commands change the content in registers or memory, add commands add and memory or register content, sub commands subtract the content in memory or register. When using the stack, we should pay attention to whether it is out of scope.


Compile the second experiment

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