Comprehensive analysis of what a 3D printer is

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Definition of a 3D printer

3D printer, also known as three-dimensional printer (3DP), is a cumulative manufacturing technology, rapid prototyping technology, a machine, it is a digital model file based on the use of special wax, powder metal or plastic, such as adhesive materials, by printing a layer of adhesive material to produce three-dimensional objects. The current three-dimensional printer is used to manufacture products. The technique of constructing objects by layer-by-level printing. The principle of the 3D printer is to put the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, the machine will follow the procedure to create a layer of products.

Second, 3D printer working principle

The 3D printer has a variety of stacked thin layers. The biggest difference between a 3D printer and a traditional printer is that it uses "ink" as a real raw material, with a variety of stacked thin layers that can be used to print a wide variety of media, from a variety of plastics to metals, ceramics and rubber. Some printers can also combine different media to make the printed object hard and the other soft.

Three, 3D printer type Division

1, some 3D printers use "inkjet" way. Even with a printer nozzle, a thin liquid plastic material is sprayed onto the mold tray, which is then placed under ultraviolet light for processing. The molded pallet then drops a very small distance for the next layer to stack up.

2, there is a technology called "melt molding", the whole process is to melt the plastic in the nozzle, and then through the deposition of plastic fibers in the form of thin layer.

3. Some systems use a technique called "laser sintering", which uses powder particles as a printing medium. Powder particles are sprayed onto the mold tray to form a thin layer of powder, cast into a specified shape, and then cured by a liquid-injected binder.

4, some is the use of electronic flow in the vacuum to melt powder particles, when encountered with a complex structure such as holes and cantilever, the media need to add gels or other substances to provide support or to occupy space. This part of the powder will not be cast, and eventually the pores can be formed by flushing out the support with water or airflow.

Four, 3D printer features

3D printing has brought about a worldwide manufacturing revolution, previously part design is completely dependent on the production process can be achieved, and 3D printer, will subvert this production idea, which makes the enterprise in the production of parts when no longer consider the production process problems, any complex shape design can be achieved through the 3D printer.

3D printing eliminates the need for machining or tooling to generate objects of any shape directly from computer graphics data, greatly shortening the production cycle and increasing productivity. Although still to be perfected, the market potential of 3D printing technology will become one of the many breakthrough technologies in the future manufacturing industry.

3D printing allows people to buy such printers in some electronics stores, and factories are selling them directly. The use of three-dimensional printers is limited, scientists say, but it is certain that people will be able to print more useful items from a 3D printer on a Future day.

3D printing technology is critical to NASA's Space exploration mission, with more than 30% of spare parts available from the ISS being manufactured by this 3D printer. The device will use polymers and other materials to produce items on a per-layer basis using extruded incremental manufacturing techniques. 3D printing experiments are one of NASA's key research projects, and 3D printing components and tools will enhance the reliability and safety of space missions, while reducing the cost of space missions because they do not have to be transported from the Earth.

Comprehensive analysis of what a 3D printer is

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