Comprehensive and standardized software requirements can avoid project risks

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Requirements and project risks

From customizing a software project to the final implementation is not only a long process, but also a process full of variables, A comprehensive understanding and correct understanding of the nature of user demand evolution and coping strategies should be the qualities required by demand analysts. The reason is that the object-oriented concept reduces the difficulty of the development process, but strengthens the position and role of demand analysis in the project process. Whether or not the requirement analysts have the ability to control the object-oriented concept is more important to the project success rate. The following describes the relationship between demand analysis and project risks.
1.5.1 risks from users

Investors are constantly adjusting their implementation goals in the process of exploration. Even though software developers cannot keep up with the changes in user requirements, they can only cope with perfunctory work. Investors feel cheated, but helpless, and developers complain that user needs are borderless and can be changed at will. In this situation, it is difficult to share the contract terms. It cannot be said that both sides are defeated, but at least they have their own difficulties.
There are some reasons for this situation, but it seems unfair to attribute all the responsibilities to "God" because users are a layman for computer applications. In reality, the key to solving the problem can only be to improve the design capability to solve the possible crisis in the project process. Therefore, the role of demand analysis in the project process is like a CAPTCHA or a pilot, once biased, the project process will be significantly affected.
"Object" acts as a carrier closest to real things and maps subjective thinking with objective things. Through this ing, the design conception model is standardized and the implementation method is standardized. This is the role of the "object" in the software design process. Therefore, it is necessary to discover and discover elements that can be attributed to "objects" in the demand analysis process. It is a unit carrier designed to carry technical design. It can also be constructed as a synthesis carrier that simultaneously carries technology and business.
The object-oriented design concept opens up an unprecedented Bright Path for software development. But to do well on this road, you must learn to fully apply and freely control the object-oriented concept. To avoid risks in the project process, we should start from the conception process of the requirement architecture, rather than starting from the design process.
1.5.2 risks arising from the development process
Based on the "process-oriented" development philosophy, the development efficiency, engineering quality and service capability will be severely tested in the face of a steady stream of user needs and frequent functional changes in the project process. A series of problems are likely to occur, such as stagnant progress, difficult to grasp performance, low reliability, heavy test workload, and out-of-control overall costs, the inevitable consequences of long delivery cycle, difficult implementation, poor strain capacity, and short relative life cycle. The temptation of object-oriented is that it can completely change this confused and passive situation.
There are many ways to achieve the design goal. Without proper guidance and constraints, the problem will become complicated. Designers are often confused about the choice of benevolent and wise, but the objective evaluation of these subjective ideas is not very convincing. there are technical reasons, there are also reasons such as different ways of thinking, differences in habits, and changes in the perspective of vision. This is often one of the main reasons for the difficulty and poor controllability of project management.
For professionals, the elegance of "Yang chunbai" is true, but it is not a reasonable choice if you disregard the technology of "xixiba people. Because "Yang Chun Bai Xue" will mean more costs. If "Yang Chun Bai Ren" can redeem orders, it may not be necessary to "Yang Chun Bai Xue.
The significance of technology lies in creating value and Realizing market benefits. When enterprises face the market, the essence of technology control is not the technology itself, how to obtain relatively good market returns at the lowest possible cost is the significance of technical value. Advocating advanced development concepts is not equivalent to superstitious or blind worship of technologies. Technology is only a means of production for enterprises, not a target of research. Ignoring the role of technology in the enterprise process is not appropriate, but blindly pursuing the advanced technology is also highly risky. Formulating technical routes and grasping the depth of technical intervention are the control factors that determine the profitability of the project. A software enterprise cannot have no technology, but it is not a basic technology organization after all, which is also a misunderstanding that technical managers often step.
After introducing the object-oriented concept, object encapsulation can form objective constraints for design implementation to a large extent, so as to avoid excessive free use of space, enables the entire team to complete design tasks in basically the same way. Abstract and encapsulation of business objects, if summarized and explored from the implementation process, will be a long and repetitive practice process. If the object prototype can be created in the demand analysis stage, it has obvious improvement effects on effectively shielding the above risks. That is to say, object-oriented is not just a concept that programmers need to master, the requirement analysis personnel's ability to control the concept has a greater impact on the project. Program Many members.

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