Comprehensive comparison of the two network integrated wiring systems

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The network cabling system is still very commonly used. Today we will introduce the principle of the network cabling system and analyze how it works, at the same time, we also discussed the price of the integrated network cabling system, which is very useful to everyone.

Networking is currently a required course for multiple computer applications, whether in offices, small and medium-sized enterprises, or in homes with multiple computers or in neighborhoods that need to be shared. After connecting multiple or even dozens of hosts, you can not only share files, printers, and games at any time, but also share a single broadband line to surf the Internet, saving money. To achieve multi-host networking, two common networking methods are available: wired and wireless. A wired network uses a network cable to connect computers or other devices. A wireless network requires a network cable in addition to the same broadband connection. Which of the two methods is better? Which one is more suitable for you? Next I will analyze it.

For your convenience, let's take a look at the principles and prices.

◆ Principle
The cable network cabling system uses Network cables and network devices as the media to implement the network cabling system (dual-machine interconnection with only one cable is not covered in the discussion ). Cable wires are generally used as transmission media for household cable networks. They are cost-effective and stable, and secure. The network topology and actual cabling location need to be carefully designed before a wired network is used to form a network. Due to the aesthetic factors, the hidden cabling mode is generally used for wired networks, however, this method is vulnerable to restrictions on the home environment and will also cause trouble to change the network structure in the future. Therefore, it is best to consider the actual environment and the factors that need to be adjusted in the future before the establishment.

The network type of a Wireless Broadband Router is suitable for users who do not want to use the integrated network cabling system at home. At the same time, the home Wireless Broadband Router generally provides four lanports, seamless connection between wireless networks and wired networks. However, this networking method has high requirements on the environment. When the shielding is good or the connection distance is relatively long, the signal coverage and intensity will also decrease accordingly. For this purpose, we must choose products with strong signal penetration capability and stable connection performance to ensure smooth connection of the integrated network cabling system.

◆ Price
In order to facilitate the comparison, we will take products with lower prices on the market as an example to learn about the investment required to build a computer with a coverage of about 10 computers within 30 meters, you can compare which product type you choose with less investment.

1 wired network needs:
100 RMB for broadband routers) + 10 RMB for total length of cabling and crystal heads, etc.) + 10 RMB for other expenses, such as wall-mounted and cabling equipment), totaling 120 RMB.

1-host wireless network needs:
54M Wireless Broadband Router 160 yuan), the notebook is basically integrated with a wireless network card, a total of 160 yuan.

3 wired networks:
100 RMB for broadband routers) + 30 RMB for total length of cables and crystal headers) + 20 RMB for other expenses, such as wall-mounted and cabling equipment), totaling 150 RMB.

3 wireless networks:
54M Wireless Broadband Router 160 yuan), the notebook is basically integrated with a wireless network card, a total of 160 yuan.

10 wired networks:
100 yuan for a Broadband Router) + 8 port 10/100 M Ethernet switch 80 yuan) + wiring and crystal head, etc. in total length of 100 meters, 200 yuan) + other fees, for example, 50 RMB for wall-mounted and wire-hitting devices), a total of 430 RMB is required.

10 wireless networks:
54M Wireless Broadband Router 160 RMB) + 5 54M wireless network cards are only the investment of 5 network cards, others are onboard or computer integration, each of which is 100 RMB, 5 RMB totaling 500 RMB), totaling 660 RMB.

As you can see, if you are using a laptop with an integrated wireless network card, the more computers you need, the less you need. Build a 10-host network. In addition, the cable network integrated wiring system uses the cheapest SOHO-level switch. If you want to select an enterprise-level switch, the cost will definitely double or several times. I don't know. It's just clear that the investment in setting up a 10-host network wireless connection is not much different from that in Wired connection. within the acceptable range of most users, the price-performance ratio is measured, the available value of the cable network integrated wiring system is not great.

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