Comprehensive Explanation of iOS AVKit audio and video playback,

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Comprehensive Explanation of iOS AVKit audio and video playback,

Audio and video processing is often used in company projects, and some things need to be customized. It is especially important to sort out these audio and video processing! It is convenient for you and your friends to learn and add to favorites!

The following connections are particularly important:

Official Apple: AVKit API

Apple official: AVFoundation API

Apple Official Website: AVFoundation (Development Guide, video, article, code)

Apple official: AVFoundation Programming Guide

IOS teaches you to use MP, AVPlayer, and AVPlayerVC to build a complete video player.

IOS-AVPlayer Audio/Video Playback

Custom Player Based on AVPlayer

AVFoundation framework for iOS video playback

Sample Code


IOS audio: Using AVPlayer to play online music

IOS development-AVPlayer for music player

First, we will introduce the class names related to video playback.

1. AVPlayer is used to play audio and video.
2. AVPlayerItem audio object
3. AVPlayerLayer layer interface for playing and displaying videos
4. AVPlayerViewController: it will help you create adjustment controls for the layers that display videos.


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