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Original article: Turn Gmail into your personal nerve center
Author: Steve Rubel

Turn Gmail into your personal neural Hub

I feel very lucky to use it when Gmail beta is released. Even though I have been using this account for about three years and have more than 100 emails each day, I still only use 18% of the 2.8g space.

In recent weeks, I began to use Gmail's large space, speed, powerful search/Tag functions to do more, not just email functions. You can turn it into your own neural hub and apply it to any PC or mobile device. Most of the following life hacks have not been written.

This series has the following parts...

  • How to Make Gmail a powerful database?(Gmail + the Google Toolbar)
  • How to get real news through Gmail (Gmail + Google Talk + Twitter)
  • How to automatically store bookmarks to Gmail? (Gmail + DEL. icio. us + Yahoo alerts)
  • How does one manage your calendar and action list through Gmail? (Gmail + backpack + Gcal + Gtalk + imified)
  • How can I use Gmail to publish blog articles? (Gmail + WordPress/typepad/Blogger + imified)

Make Gmail a powerful database

I am addicted to getting information and will never be satisfied. I subscribe to 275 feeds through Google Reader and use many bookmarks to manage them.

Every day, I travel through various web pages to save the articles I want to refer to in the future. Previously, I used Yojimbo to manage all this information. However, when I want to transmit data or access it through a mobile device, I find that this solution is unqualified. However, Google notebook cannot work on mobile devices, and its search function is also lacking. So we started using Gmail and Google toolbar.

The latest Google Toolbar can be sent to Gmail. After you select some text or images, right-click them and click send to Gmail. Then, Google Toolbar will automatically generate a new email.

Now, when I find what I want to save, I will use this function to send it to my secret contacts. This address is steverubel + [any character] @ gmail.com. (Here is the description of this function by lifehacer)

Once a file arrives in my Gmail inbox, I use the filter function to archive the file and add the @ database tag. In addition, I am using a paid version of Google Apps with the same filtering feature and have forwarded these all over. Each of its Gmail accounts has 10 Gb of storage space. Now I need to add the @ databaese tags and keywords to them. Wow, an instant personal database!

[Riku Note: A Gmail address can be extended to countless addresses. If you add "+" and any character after your Gmail user name, it is a new email address, however, emails sent to this new mailbox will still be stored in the original email, but the content following the to field in the received email is the new email address. For example, I added + blog to my mailbox address lu.riku@gmail.com to create a new mailbox address Lu. riku + blog@gmail.com, then the mail sent to that mailbox is still stored in the lu.riku@gmail.com, but the content after to is the new mailbox address, such as]

Here is a photo of Stev Ballmer's office. I like this image and organize it into documents. Remember that Google Toolbar will automatically Insert the source URL address. I also like to use this method to store notes, ideas, and ideas.

How to get real news through Gmail?

I usually keep using Gmail in my browser, and I also use the Gtalk client in Gmail. In addition, I have now become a fan of Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that you can control through Gtalk or other IM clients.

On Twitter, some people get information from the BBC and CNN and input it to Twitter. Therefore, if you keep using Gmail, Twitter will use IM to notify you of the latest news.

When I wrote this article, defamer just provided real-time updates from Academy Awards and notified me of these content through Gtalk In Gmail.

How to automatically store bookmarks to Gmail?

It is very convenient to add content to Gmail. But do you know that you can use del. icio. us to add bookmarks and automatically transfer these bookmarks to your Gmail database? In addition, if you still use Google Reader to share the content, you can also automatically transfer the content to Gmail. In this way, you can easily find the corresponding bookmarks in your neural hub.

What you need to do to achieve the functions mentioned above is to put your Del. icio. the output feed of US and Google Reader is added to the Yahoo alerts service. You can select "when new content is available" or "one email per day, then, you can set the filter in Gmail and the tag is automatically archived. Of course, this function is not limited to the content of bookmarks, but applicable to any RSS feed.

How does one manage your calendar and action list through Gmail?

Gmail does not have the to-do list function, and Google Calendar does not. However, if you are using Gcal, backpack, or remember the milk, you can integrate the Gtalk into Gmail and control these programs with imified.

All you need to do is add imified to your Gtalk contacts. In this case, you can not only view your calendar or actions list, but also add or delete them. For more information about imified, see here.

How can I use Gmail to publish blog articles?

Finally, you can use Gmail to publish blog articles. If you are using platforms such as blogger, WordPress, moveable type, or typepad, the easiest way to do this is to set your moblogging (publish a blog post via email) option on these platforms and add your Gmail address here, you can use this email address to publish an article. You can also use imified to publish a blog.

When you use a large number of free tools in combination with Gmail, you can do more. The above is just the tip of the iceberg. Finally, I may use up my capacity before Google upgrades my storage space, but it is not wrong. Gmail has become a Swiss Army knife for the online version.

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