Computer BIOS does not detect the hard drive what to do

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Computer BIOS does not detect the hard drive what to do

1, plug in a U disk, and then use the General PE Toolbox to make the U disk into a startup disk.

2, after the successful production, restart the computer continuously press the Hot key (not clear hot key point here) into the BIOS system, in the BIOS system set U disk for the first boot, and then press F10 save exit restart.

3, select the appropriate PE system into the PE desktop, open the desktop under the Diskgenius tool, the GUID format of the partition all deleted. After you delete it, save it.

4, then click on "Hard Disk", click "Transform partition type for MBR format" and save again.

5, then we repartition, divided to save the exit, and then restart the computer problem is resolved.

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