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Recently saw a lot of netizens asked the power-on password how to set the problem, in fact, there are many kinds of computer boot password, such as Windows user account password, BIOS password, system startup password, and so on, below we will introduce these boot password, tell you how to set the power-on password.

How to set the user account password

The Windows user account password is the best set of these passwords. First, we open the Control Panel, select "User Account", and then select the account you need to set the password, and then choose "Create Password", enter the password you set twice, then click "Create password" can be effective, if you want to cancel this password , enter the password when all directly press ENTER on the line, this is the simplest how to set the power-on password.

How to set the system startup password

In addition to the operating system can be set up above we mentioned the user account power-on password, you can also set the system to start the password, this password will be loaded in the system when it appears, quite with the computer is a two-layer password protection. How to set the power-on password? First, we click "Start", select "Run", enter "Syskey", this is a dialog box that pops up "secure Windows XP Account Database", click on "Update" button, and then in the "Startup Password" dialog box, select "Password Start", Enter the password you want to set, if you choose the "System generated password" option, the system does not need to enter the password at startup. This is how the power-on system password is set up.

How to set the BIOS power-on password

The above two passwords are related to the operating system, and the BIOS password is not the same, even if the operating system is compromised, this password will still exist. BIOS boot password How to set it, first of all, press del key (notebook General press F2 key) into the CMOS settings, move the direction key, select "Advanced BIOS Features (BIOS advanced settings)" "Enter, select" Security option (Safety settings or the Password check (password confirmation) option, press ENTER to eject the input password interface, and then press F10 to save and exit, so that the BIOS boot password is set.

The above three kinds of boot password how to set up basically covers everyone's daily frequently encountered in the setting of the password, we recommend that you regularly change your password, so as to improve security, the above password is not all set, general settings 1 to 2 boot password is enough

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