Computer Browser Shutdown Reason resolution method

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Computer Browser Description:

Computer Browser is a service process in Windows 2003. Maintains an updated list of computers on the network and provides the list to the computer to specify browsing. If the service is stopped, the list is not updated or maintained. If the service is disabled, any services that are directly dependent on this service will not start. The Computer Browser service is primarily used to maintain the latest list of computers in your network Neighborhood, as well as other network devices that use the NetBIOS protocol. This is what my Network Neighborhood displays, and if your "Network Neighborhood" doesn't work, it's probably not on. For this service, it is recommended that users in the LAN do not shut down, otherwise it will affect the normal use.

Computer Browser executable path: C:windowssystem32svchost.exe-k netsvcs.

Computer Browser automatic shutdown how to solve?

The reason why the Computer browser automatically shut down again by looking at the computer system log found that the Windows operating system used by the computer enabled a Third-party software firewall, because Windows comes with a third-party firewall that will bring its own Windows firewall/ The Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service is disabled, disabling the Computer Browser service, which is the main reason Computer browser is automatically shut down. The workaround is simple: To open Windows Firewall, you enable the Windows Firewall/internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service, and the service is enabled. Once again into the Network neighborhood, so that the official launch of the Computer Browser service.

Second, of course, you are in the "Control Panel--management tools-Services" Computer Browser the "General" page, set the startup type of "automatic" if still closed, on its "restore" page, set failure "Restart Service", the first failure, the second failure,  Subsequent failures are set in three places. Still not, click "Start-Run", enter "regedit" on the Run input box, then click Open Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun to create a new " String value ", the content is entered" c:windowssystem32svchost.exe-k Netsvcs ", the input completes the view Computer browser is enabled.

Third, the same in the Start Menu Open Control Panel, open Windows Firewall in the Control Panel---Exceptions---in the "File and Printer Sharing" on the check, click OK to resolve the failure.

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